2014 Registration Document and Annual Financial Report - page 90

Corporate responsibility
Independent Verifier’s Report on consolidated social, environmental and societal
information presented in the Management Report
At the level of the representative selection of entity that we selected
, based on their activity, their contribution to the consolidated
indicators, their location and a risk analysis, we undertook interviews to verify the correct application of the procedures and undertook
detailed tests on the basis of samples, consisting in verifying the calculations made and linking them with supporting documentation.
The sample selected therefore represented on average 23% of the total workforce, between 25% and 30% for indicators concerning
water and energy consumptions, 23% of the hostels for the “Charter 21” indicators, and 27% of the listed suppliers for the sustainable
For the other consolidated CSR information, we assessed their consistency in relation to our knowledge of the company.
Finally, we assessed the relevance of the explanations provided, if appropriate, in the partial or total absence of certain information.
We consider that the sample methods and sizes of the samples that we considered by exercising our professional judgment allow us to
express a limited assurance conclusion; an assurance of a higher level would have required more extensive verification work. Due to the
necessary use of sampling techniques and other limitations inherent in the functioning of any information and internal control system, the
risk of non-detection of a significant anomaly in the CSR Information cannot be entirely eliminated.
Qualification expressed
Heterogeneous understandings of the Criteria induce different calculation methods between countries for the information related to the
“number of days of absence”.
Based on our work, and under this qualification, we have not identified any significant misstatement that causes us to believe that the
CSR Information, taken together, has not been fairly presented, in compliance with the Criteria.
Without qualifying our conclusion above, we draw your attention to the following points:
Except for water and energy consumptions indicators, the Criteria application for the calculation of some HR, sustainable procurement
and Charter 21 indicators is not homogeneous, as well as associated internal controls not regular enough.
Paris-La Défense, the 12 March 2015
French original signed by:
Independent Verifier
ERNST &YOUNG et Associés
Éric Duvaud
Associé Développement Durable
Bruno Perrin
Italia, Russia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Fiji, New-Zeeland.
for water and energy consumptions: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Roumania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal,
Russia, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,Yemen, Australia. And for other environmental
indicators: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore,
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Australia.
for sustainable procurement: Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia.
Registration Document 2014
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