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Corporate responsibility
Measuring and assessing performance
This section explains the methodology applied in our corporate
social responsibility reporting process. This process is based on
a reporting protocol that provides full, detailed specifications on
responsibilities, Accor definitions, methods for measuring data and
indicators, and areas at risk requiring particular attention. It also
describes country-specific features, which are frequently updated.
The protocol in French and English has been sent by headquarters
to everyone responsible for the reporting process and is available
for translation into other host country languages.
Performance is measured through four types of indicator:
employee relations indicators;
Charter 21 indicators, which cover the environmental and social
responsibility actions deployed in the hotels;
indicators used to manage water use, energy use and greenhouse
gas emissions;
additional employee-relations indicators and sustainable
procurement indicators.
The reporting period is January 1 to December 31, 2014.
Human Resources
Quantitative data is reported Groupwide, on five broad issues:
workforce structure, employee movements, compensation, training
and working conditions.
Qualitative data is reported at the end of each yearly period.
In 2014, employee data reporting was updated for harmonization
with internal and external indicator requirements. Some calculation
methods were adjusted to bring figures into line with the definitions
in French legislation as regards degrees of gravity of accidents at
work, and number of hours of training.
Quantitative reporting
Reporting scope and frequency
Employee data are reported for:
people who work in head offices, owned hotels and leased
hotels, who are direct employees of the Accor Group, including
people who work in the managed hotels, who are under Accor
management but are not direct employees of the Accor Group.
The only exception concerns a certain number of hotels where
direct Accor employees are on assignment.
Employee data do not include:
employees of owned, leased and managed hotels closed as of
December 31, 2014;
employees of owned, leased and managed hotels opened after
November 30, 2014;
contingent workers, interns and temporary workers;
employees of franchised hotels or units in which Accor owns
an equity interest but does not exercise any management
responsibility (commission-based management contracts and
Adagio Aparthotels).
In 2014, indicator data could not be reported from five managed
hotels in Germany and 25 managed hotels in France.
Because of inconsistencies on closure of the employee data
reporting period, data from the Cuba head office was not included
in the 2014 data consolidation. In 2013, there were five employees
at this head office.
Reporting application
Employee data are reported and the related indicators managed
the proprietary
HR DATA application
that was revamped in 2009
and redeployed in 2010.The application has been steadily upgraded
with new features to enhance user-friendliness and improve the
reliability of the reported data.
In 2014, Accor began work on a project for updating the processes
and methods it uses for collecting and analyzing human resources
data. The project seeks to automate data collection from payroll
systems, for guaranteed consistency. Initial benefits from the project
will appear from 2016.
Reporting and control process
The corporate reporting process is defined in the
human resources
reporting protocol
, which applies to everyone involved in the
reporting chain, from headquarters to hotels. It provides a detailed,
comprehensive description of Group procedures and definitions, the
methods used to measure data and indicators, and the areas at risk
that require particular attention. It also describes country-specific
features, which are frequently updated.
The protocol in French and English has been sent by the corporate
Human Resources Department to everyone responsible for the
reporting process.
Reporting officers have been designated at three levels to collect,
enter, verify and validate employee data, in compliance with the
human resources reporting protocol:
collect and validate hotel data,
confirm the completeness of the data;
country organization:
confirm the completeness of the data,
verify and validate the data reported from all of the hotels in
its scope of operations;
coordinate the consolidation of data from across the Group,
confirm the completeness of the data,
ensure the consistency of reported data and correct any errors
after verification with the regional manager.
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