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Environmental commitments
Breakdown of Accor’s biodiversity impact
by source
(i.e. €4bn PDF.m
Food and beverage
Construction and renovation
Onsite energy consumption
(room equipment, cooling units, waste management, office
equipment, hotel maintenance, employee commutes, external
laundry services, onsite water use)
Accor is a strong proponent of the preservation of biodiversity,
an important factor in the tourist appeal of many geographies.
The Group’s commitment on biodiversity is primarily expressed
through its Plant for the Planet program (see details below). In
addition, Accor is developing its organic foodstuff sourcing and by
the end of 2015 all endangered sea species will have completely
disappeared from its hotel menus.
Plant for the Planet
Under its Plant for the Planet program, Accor encourages guests to
reuse their towels when they stay more than one night in a hotel by
promising that savings will be used to finance tree planting. (Half of
the savings are invested in planting projects). Unique to Accor, the
initiative goes beyond the usual towel reuse programs deployed by
other hospitality groups by requiring participating hotels to donate
money to agroforestry projects.
In addition, the program also enables us to address another key
environmental concern raised by the use of towels and the resulting
laundry operations, namely water use and the treatment of detergent
wastewater. In this regard, trees play awidely acknowledged role, both
in fixing groundwater reserves and absorbing part of the pollution.
Accor’s role as a food services provider means that upstream
farming operations are one of the main sources of the Group’s
indirect water use, an observation revealed by the environmental
footprint study carried out in 2011.
Because the 2011 environmental footprint study revealed that
upstream farming operations were one of the major sources of
our indirect water use, it was natural to focus the reforestation
program on agroforestry projects.
Projects supported under the Plant for the Planet program address
the three key sustainable development issues, which makes it a
particularly symbolic program: environmental benefits (preservation
of ecosystems and endangered endemic species, preservation of
water resources, regeneration of non-productive soils, anti-erosion
measures, carbon entrapment, etc.); societal benefits (increase and
diversification of revenues in populations involved in the projects,
new local social cohesion dynamics); social benefits (including
active participation of Accor Group employees, a decisive factor in
the program’s success).
Plant for the Planet gained ground in 2014. A total of 1,532 hotels
(46% of Group hotels, excluding the hotelF1 banner) now take part
in the program, which financed the planting of close to 452,000
trees in 2014 for a budget of around €1.5 million. More than 4 million
trees have been planted since the operation began in 2009. The
Accor Group and its hotels finance more than 150 reforestation
and agroforestry projects in 21 countries, including a new project
started in Germany in 2014. In 2015, Accor will be extending
program coverage across hotels throughout the Accor Group, with
the objective of 60% participation.
Selection and startup of new initiatives is handled by Accor’s partner
Pur Projet, as are program management, communications, and
high-precision monitoring of the results obtained. All hotels involved
in the Plant for the Planet program receive full information on the
projects financed through their aid: location of plots concerned,
species planted, farmers helped, number of trees planted, etc. Since
2014, guests belonging to the Le Club Accorhotels loyalty program
can also participate directly in Plant for the Planet by donating their
loyalty points to tree planting operations.
A 2014 evaluation carried out by Accor to determine the impact
of its Plant for the Planet program found that the projects already
under way would have a positive impact of 450,000 tonnes of
equivalent on climate change and of 560 million pdf.m
.y on
biodiversity over a 100 year period.
Accor aims to support a reforestation project in the majority of our
host countries by 2015. In addition, the hotels can finance local
projects in association with small farmers looking for agroforestry
Percentage of hotels participating
in the Plant for the Planet program
2015 objective: 60%
Number of applicable hotels* 3,331 3,401 3,300
* Excluding hotelF1.
Registration Document 2014
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