2014 Registration Document and Annual Financial Report - page 64

Environmental commitments
Percentage of hotels with environmental
management certification
2015 objective: 40%
Number of applicable hotels* 2,671 2,653 2,770
* Excluding Formule1, hotelF1 and ibis budget hotels.
Eco-design approach
As well as managing the environmental impacts of its hotels, Accor
is also firmly committed to reducing the environmental footprint of
the products and services that the Group and its brands design.
Details on this eco-design approach are given on page 52.
Training, awareness-building and buy-in
The driving forces behind our sustainable development strategy are
nearly 180,000 Accor employees around the world. They act as our
sustainability ambassadors, both by demonstrating environmental
sensitivity in their everydaywork and by embracing our approach, so as
to explain it to guests and encourage buy-in for the PLANET 21 actions.
Because employee awareness-building and training play a critical
role in this process, Accor has developed an ambitious e-learning
program, available in ten languages and addressing all Accor Group
brands. It comprises two modules:
awareness on sustainable development (understanding the
issues at stake, how the hotel fits in with its environment, and
what the PLANET 21 program involves);
everyday working practices (explaining PLANET 21 to guests,
measures taken by the hotel, importance of seemingly minor
everyday working practices).
Sustainability training resources also include fact sheets (“Sustainable
Development in My Job”) for individual departments (corporate,
hospitality/housekeeping, etc.) and jobs (head station waiter, cook,
housekeeping floor supervisor, Sales Director, General Manager,
etc.).The sheets cover all of the hospitality industry’s skill-sets, and
can be adapted to each hotel’s local situation and priorities. They
are divided into two parts, “In the Hotel” and “In my Job”, each
with key takeaways and actionable practices.They also come with
a sustainable development glossary.
Each year, around April 22 (Earth Day and PLANET 21 launch
date), employees at all Accor establishments worldwide take
part in initiatives addressing the 21 commitments in the Accor
sustainable development program: tree planting, healthcare
training, issue of mosquito nets, lunches with organic food,
clean-up of natural sites, etc. In 2014, employee mobilization
on the “Plant for the Planet” theme was very impressive.
PLANET 21 Day, a global event for demonstrating
Accor personnel’s sustainability commitment
Energy and carbon challenges
In addition to representing a major source of rising costs for Accor,
hotel energy use ranks among our leading environmental impacts,
where there are many pathways to improvement. The Group is
working hard to extensively and systematically deploy energy
efficiency programs and install renewable energy facilities. According
to the 2014 environmental impact study, on a life-cycle basis,
of Accor’s total energy consumption comes from the hotels.
In the last ten years, considerable progress has been made in
shrinking this footprint. However, further action is necessary in this
area to plan for forthcoming legislation, the levying of new taxes
and the increasing burden of higher costs in the hotel business.
From 2011 to 2015, Accor is committed to a 10% reduction both in
the energy used and in the carbon emitted by our owned, leased
and managed hotels. In the case of franchised hotels, where the
Group has no control over operations, franchisees are offered
resources and recommendations to support actions to address
these challenges.
(1) The remaining energy use was primarily attributable to laundry operations (5%), upstream agricultural activities (5%) and construction/renovation (5%).
Registration Document 2014
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