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Social responsibility commitments
The Selection Committee
votes on projects funded at less than
€20,000 and oversees their implementation.
The Board is supported by a
standing team
dedicated entirely to
assisting employees in their community outreach projects. It works
closely with local correspondents, who are Accor employees from
the project’s host region or who have worked there for several years.
Employees add real value to Solidarity Accor’s programs by
contributing their professional skills in such areas as marketing,
human resources and consulting. In particular, they regularly
participate in training programs to present various hospitality
industry jobs and share their professional skills with trainees.These
programs can include on-site hotel tours, conferences on hospitality
industry jobs, presentations of the Accor Group and internships at
Accor hotels. In addition, thanks to the fund’s Solidarity Sabbatical
program, employees in the French head offices and hotels can leave
on two-week outreach assignments in Asia or other developing
regions. During these assignments, they share their capabilities
with local people through organizations such as women’s groups,
village cooperatives and schools.
Solidarity Accor has been funded by Accor with an expendable
endowment of €500,000 that, under the terms of its charter, may be
increased by raising additional funds. In 2014, this new governance
system was set up and tested through a variety of pilot projects
that will be gradually expanded and diversified beginning in 2015.
For example, during the Ninth SolidarityWeek (see box), Solidarity
Accor organized its first in-house fundraising drive to enable
employees to support the people covered by the fund’s projects.
Another major initiative was launched in November, to enable guest
members of Le Club Accorhotels to donate to the fund (see box).
In all, a total of €49,700 was raised during the year.
Since November 2014, Accor Le Club Accorhotels loyalty
program offers members the possibility of converting their
points into donations to Solidarity Accor.The funds raised are
routed to an emergency fund used to rebuild communities.
Le Club Accorhotels is encouraging members to support this
partnership by keeping them informed of the projects that
their donations are helping to fund. In the event of a disaster,
Le Club Accorhotels members could be Solidarity Accor’s first
port of call for emergency aid donations.
Le Club Accorhotels partners Solidarity Accor
Projects supported in 2014
In 2014, 29 projects were supported with total funding of €582,100.
Projects supported in 2014 by region
Projects supported by Solidarity Accor in 2014,
by focus area
Training and insertion
Local know-how
Humanitarian and emergency aid
29 projects supported.
In 18 countries.
Involving more than 750 employees.
Supporting more than 2,000 people directly and more than
9,000 indirectly.
Solidarity Accor in figures, 2014
Registration Document 2014
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