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Social responsibility commitments
Created by Accor, the WATCH program helps country
organizations and hotels to put procedures in place to detect
cases of CST and take the appropriate response. Combating
CST involves local training initiatives designed to heighten
employee vigilance, so that they can identify cases of CST
more effectively, decide when to contact the authorities, and
offer the child alternative lifepaths,
reintegration projects
for example.
The WATCH program therefore comprises a set of training
and awareness-building tools, such as videos, an e-learning
module, a hotel team trainingmodule and response instructions,
that can be used by hotel General Managers, team leaders
and employees. Distribution of the complete kit, which is
available in English, Brazilian, French and Thai, began in late
2014. During the year, 34,801 employees were trained in child
protection procedures.
With WATCH, Accor is taking a stand at every level of the
organization – Groupwide with the Code of Conduct, in the
host countries by collaborating with ECPAT or local NGOs,
in the hotels by working with the police and child welfare
organizations, and with guests, whose sensitivity has been
heightened by employees.
WATCH –We Act Together for Children
Percentage of hotels committed to protecting
2015 objective: 70%
Number of applicable hotels
3,331 3,401 3,538
Response rate
92% 93% 94%
Results made little progress in 2014 and remain short of the target set for
2015.The launch of the WATCH program in November gave new impetus to
our commitment to protecting children.The country organizations have been
re-energized to integrate WATCH into their 2015 training plans, with the active
encouragement of Accor executive management. Progress will be regularly
tracked in 2015 to ensure that the objective is met.
Accor’s corporate citizenship commitment is expressed through
the Solidarity Accor endowment fund, whose ability to raise funds
independently is breathing new life into Accor community outreach
programs. In addition to their personal or technical involvement in
helping disadvantaged and socially isolated people, the Group’s
employees, franchise partners and concerned individuals can donate
financially to the programs that are demonstrating the Group’s caring
hospitality across national borders. This fundraising ability means
that donations can be solicited from a wider public, particularly in
emergency situations.
A revitalized vision
Solidarity Accor’s mission is to “forge ties between cultures by
supporting the development of individuals and their integration
into the community”. Employees play a central role in fulfilling this
mission, with the fund providing technical and financial assistance
for carrying out their projects in our host communities around the
world. Indeed, because employees give meaning to the projects
and help to forge lasting ties, the fund focuses on getting them
actively involved to make the financing more effective.
Solidarity Accor delivers its support in three main focus areas:
local know-how:
supporting socio-economic initiatives that
promote traditional industries and techniques;
training and insertion:
facilitating training and insertion for
disadvantaged young people;
humanitarian and emergency aid:
helping populations in great
difficulty and responding to humanitarian disasters.
The shared objective is to empower people in difficulty by deploying
project models that are economically viable and self-sustaining
over the medium term.
All of the projects are led by non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
or by local not-for-profit associations for the benefit of our hotels’
host communities.The values of hospitality, caring and generosity
that our hotel employees embody every day in their jobs flow
naturally through to community outreach initiatives. The diversity
of hotel industry jobs means that everyone’s skills can be used in
putting together a project.
A dedicated organization
The SolidarityAccor
Board of Directors
, which is chaired by Sébastien
Bazin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Accor, meets two
to three times a year. It defines the fund’s strategic vision, votes
on projects whose budgets exceed €20,000, and oversees their
implementation. Its nine members, elected in 2014, include six
Accor representatives and three qualified persons from outside
the Group (details may be found on
Registration Document 2014
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