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Social responsibility commitments
For example, as part of the ibis carpeting tender, a grid to assess
the bidders’ CSR commitments and performance was designed
and integrated into the bid process. Accor selected a GUT-certified
product that guaranteed higher environmental value, in particular
through the choice of rawmaterials and the absence of any harmful
In the same way, during the goodies tender, bidders were assessed
on the basis of seven CSR criteria, with the resulting score counting
for 25% of the final grade.
Hotel purchasing practices
Percentage of hotels purchasing certified paper
(scope of reporting 1)
Percentage of hotels purchasing fair-trade products
(scope of reporting 1)
Percentage of hotels purchasing local products
(scope of reporting 2)
62% 68%
Scope of reporting 1
Number of applicable hotels
3,331 3,401 3,538
Response rate
92% 93% 94%
Scope of reporting 2
Number of applicable hotels* 1,937 1,948 2,061
Response rate
97% 97% 96%
* Hotels with a restaurant.
Sustainable procurement
as a part of supplier relations
Many laws exist to protect people in contact with the Company,
including guests, employees, suppliers and others who have only
indirect contact. Accor makes every effort to comply with these
laws and ensure that they are respected by others, in particular by
closely monitoring suppliers and service providers, whose practices
may fall short of our commitments to respecting people.
Sharing sustainable development commitments
with suppliers
Our corporate social responsibility commitments vis-a-vis suppliers
and contractors have been defined in the Procurement Charter 21,
which is designed to be included in supplier certification contracts.
It enjoins suppliers to:
comply with all of the criteria set out in the Charter, which explicitly
states the corporate social responsibility commitments Accor
wants them to respect;
ensure that their own suppliers and subcontractors meet the
same standards;
participate in Accor’s supplier assessments and implement the
necessary action plans;
authorize Accor and/or consultants commissioned by Accor to
conduct sustainable development audits and implement the
necessary action plans.
Any supplier that is unable to meet these requirements must inform
Accor so that an agreement can be reached on the corrective and
preventive measures to be taken and the timetable for implementing
them. Failure to comply with any of the criteria may result in the
termination of business dealings with the supplier in question.
In 2014, the Procurement Charter 21 was signed by around
80% of suppliers, based on data from the 18 reporting Procurement
68% in 2013. During the year, the Purchasing
teams worked hard to increase this percentage. Despite its ambitious
nature, the 2015 target of including the Charter in every contract
has been maintained.
Monitoring supplier CSR performance
To track their CSR performance, suppliers are regularly audited, with
a focus on the 23 high-priority purchasing categories. The audits
presented below primarily concern suppliers in these categories.
Online CSR assessments by EcoVadis:
EcoVadis operates a
collaborative platform that can be used to assess the CSR performance
of suppliers worldwide
a custom-designed questionnaire.
Suppliers are scored on their social responsibility, environmental
and ethical performance and on how much control they have over
their own supply chain. A total of 382 certified Accor suppliers
have been assessed since 2010, including 134 in 2014, or around
90%more than in 2013. During the year, 116 corrective action plan
requests were issued to suppliers with an EcoVadis score of less
than 30, either overall or on one of the criteria.
Onsite audits conducted by Accor:
quality audits are performed
by country buyers at certified local suppliers and contractors that
are important to Accor because of the volume of purchases involved
and the related employee and health risks. Particular attention is
paid to such categories as laundry services, security services and
cleaning services, which are considered sensitive in light of the
CSR issues and/or purchasing volumes involved.
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