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Social responsibility commitments
Building guest awareness and buy-in
Aligned with the second commitment of the UDA Charter on
Responsible Communication (encourage target audiences to
behave responsibly), PLANET 21 includes an awareness-building
program to encourage guests to reduce their environmental impact
and participate in the hotel’s initiatives. It uses instructive signage
posted along the entire guest journey – on the booking site, in the
hotel entrance and lobby, in the rooms and restaurants, etc.
The signage suggests little things that guests can do to make a
real contribution to sustainability, for example by participating in
the Plant for the Planet program (see page 69), whose success
intrinsically depends on a guest’s willingness to reuse room towels.
In all, more than 90% of Accor hotels are taking practical measures
to build guest awareness and buy-in to support their commitment
to sustainability.
Percentage of hotels building guest awareness
and buy-in
Number of applicable hotels
3,331 3,401 3,538
Response rate
92% 93% 94%
With purchases representing around €3.5 billion
in 2013, of which
around €1.9 billion from certified suppliers, procurement plays a
decisive role in Accor’s sustainable development process. The
sustainable procurement program aims to unite all of our suppliers,
contractors and service providers in a shared commitment to offering
products and services that respect personal well-being and help to
reduce our environmental footprint.
The Accor procurement process
Based in France, the Corporate Procurement Department manages
international contracts and coordinates the network of 19 national
Procurement Offices, which employ 145 people worldwide.
Contracts are signed at the international or national level, depending
on the features of each category. “Standardizable” products and
services that meet several countries’ needs are managed globally,
while those specific to a particular country are managed by the
national Procurement Office.
Procurement teams make a real contribution to the financial results
of the owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels by ensuring
that everyone benefits from the Group’s purchasing clout.
Purchases are classified as “certified” if they are sourced by the
hotels from suppliers that have signed a contract with an Accor
Procurement Department. They are overseen directly by Accor
teams, who manage and optimize the contracts and the sourced
products or services and control the supply chain by taking care to
offer solutions that best fit the needs expressed.
Purchases are classified as “non-certified” if they are sourced directly
by the hotels from suppliers that have not signed a contract with
an Accor Procurement Department.
(1) €3.5 billion is the estimated volume of total purchases made by all owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels, as extrapolated from the
purchases from certified suppliers.
Registration Document 2014
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