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Corporate responsibility
Social responsibility commitments
Novotel introduces the totally responsible “Live N Dream” bed
In 2014, Novotel introduced “Live N Dream”, a new bed and
bedding concept whose eco-design process was extended to
address other corporate social responsibility issues:
employee-related aspects, with input from ergonomists
tasked with attenuating the risk of musculoskeletal disorders
for housekeepers, the production of training videos to instill
correct posture and practices, and the use of the Levly
hydraulic bed-lifting system;
social aspects, with the selection of certified suppliers;
environmental aspects with innovative pillows and bedding
made entirely from recycled PET, the use of lowenvironmental
impact materials (such as wood from sustainably managed
forests for the bed frames), a reduction in the amount of
packaging, and the identification of recycling service providers
to manage end-of-life disposal.
The eco-design process in action
In 2014, eco-design principles were applied to define the criteria for
a new solution for responsible meetings and seminars,
Meeting 21,
whose standards will be finalized in early 2015.
The criteria are designed to offer an alternative with the smallest
possible environmental footprint for every aspect of a successful
meeting, including the room (
, choice of amenities and materials),
consumables (
, choice of paper, waste sorting, no plastic cups),
food services (
, waste-saving measures, organic menu options,
fair-trade products), auxiliary services (
, hotel shuttles), and
participant information and awareness-building.
Beginning in 2015, the green Meeting 21 solution may be offered in
any hotel with at least one conference room fulfilling these criteria.
Measuring the carbon footprint of Accor products
and services
To meet the expectations of B2B and other guests, in 2014, Accor
developed the hospitality industry’s first carbon footprint calculator for
a stay or meeting, which also includes the possibility of contributing
to the Plant for the Planet program (see page 69). The calculator
has been available to sales teams and executive meeting managers
during the first quarter of 2015.
Commitments for responsible
A set of documents to guide responsible
communication practices
prepared by the French advertisers’ association (UDA), which governs
the processes in place upstream from communication initiatives.
It covers all types of communication – corporate and commercial,
above and below the line – and all of the Company’s responsibilities
to employees, society and the environment.
Accor has also introduced a
Global Hotel Guest Privacy Policy,
which is posted on the accorhotels.com, accor.com and brand
websites. It explains the reasons for collecting personal information
during the booking process and clarifies guests’ rights to access
their personal data at their request.
To ensure the responsible use of social media, a
Social Media
was published in 2010 to offer guidelines for employees
posting comments or answering questions concerning an issue
directly or indirectly related to the Group on Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media. The guidelines were
updated in 2012.
As part of the AccorLive project launched in 2014, an enterprise
social network is also being developed. To join, employees must
first agree to abide by the
Enterprise Social Network Charter,
which defines, among other things, members’ rights and obligations.
A partnership has been formed withTripAdvisor so that comments
submitted by guests on aTripAdvisor questionnaire after their stay
are posted on both the TripAdvisor and Accor websites.
To ensure price transparency, room rates are clearly indicated
at every stage of the online booking process and the terms and
conditions of sale are available at all times, in 15 different languages.
Registration Document 2014
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