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Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
The commitment to increasing the percentage of women across
the organization led to the creation, in December 2012, of Women
at Accor Generation, an international gender equality network.
Sponsored by the Group’s Chief Financial Officer and open to
both men and women employees of any Accor brand, the network
comprised nearly 1,850 women and 413 men at year-end 2014.
Through its eight regional networks,Women at Accor Generation is
committed to fighting against stereotypes and the self-censorship
of women, primarily by mentoring women employees, encouraging
experience sharing and facilitating networking.
So far, pilot mentoring programs conducted in France, Brazil and
Asia have supported 90 women, who have reported an increase in
self-confidence, a sense of feeling encouraged and motivated and a
better understanding of the codes needed to interactive effectively
with their professional environment. 71% of them have already
recommended the program to one or more of their colleagues.
In 2013, the Gender Marketing working group recommended a
line of “Inspired by Her” hospitality services specifically designed
for women. In 2014, for example, a number of Golden Rules were
defined to help hotel reception teams ensure the safety of women
guests. These include not giving women rooms with a connecting
door, being discreet when telling them their room number and
accompanying them through the hotel late at night.These guidelines
will gradually be deployed across the hotel network.
In 2015, a pilot project will be launched in the Benelux region to
earn certification under the Gender Equality–European Standard.
Earning the label, which is designed to encourage understanding and
progress, will enable Accor to continue to improve its performance
in gender diversity and equality.
Percentage of women by job category
Total women
of which hotel General Managers
Hiring and retaining the disabled
Accor is a pioneering member of the ILO Global Business and
Disability Network, a United Nations initiative that since June 2011
has brought together multinational companies committed to including
people with disabilities in the workplace. It allows members to share
their knowledge more effectively, develop products and services
that facilitate the hiring and retention of disabled employees and
improve their technical expertise in addressing disability issues.
As a member, Accor contributed to the publication of
Business as
unusual: Making workplaces inclusive of people with disabilities
, a
guidebook for the successful implementation of initiatives designed
to include the disabled. Participating in the Network gives us the
opportunity to organize a certain number of events around the
world and to embrace the best practices of the initiative’s partner
A wide array of resources has been deployed to assist managers in
integrating disabled employees into their teams (see below, “Equal
opportunity resources”). For the 2014 International Day of People
with Disability on December 3, every host country organization
held a photo contest in which employees were asked to post a
photo illustrating the idea of disability. The country organizations
took advantage of the Day to raise disability awareness through
messages from senior management. In all, more than 100 photos
were posted on the Intranet. In addition, special activities were
organized in at least nine countries, with, for example, hiring
techniques workshops at the Odyssey headquarters in Paris and a
team case study in Brazil.
In 2014, 1,240 disabled people were employed in owned, leased or
managed hotels worldwide, representing 1% of the total workforce.
However, given the difficulty in obtaining accurate figures in some
countries, the real number of disabled employees is probably higher.
In France, the Integrating the Disabled Project (MIPH) is part of
the diversity action plan. It is governed by a Groupwide agreement
concerning the hiring and retention of disabled employees. In late
2014, a new agreement was renegotiated for the 2015-2017 period.
Signed by all of the employee representatives, it came into effect
in January 2015.
Among its sustainable flagship measures are dedicated, aligned
training programs provided in France by such organizations as
the GRETA adult education schools run by the National Education
system, the National Association for Adult Vocational Training
(AFPA) and the CFA apprentice training centers. They take in and
train people with a hearing or vision impairment or a psychological
disability for jobs in kitchen, dining room and housekeeping skills.
The launch of an advertising campaign expressing the same strong
message – “Every day, we welcome very different people and we
have always hired them” – illustrated the reality of the diversity
and disability experience at Accor with messages resonant with
the target audience.
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