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Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Plans have therefore been set up in certain host countries for
employees in owned and leased hotels, providing insurance and/or
health coverage for routine care, hospitalization, maternity benefits,
eye care and other expenses. In some countries, Accor has been
able to extend healthcare benefits to employees in its managed
hotels, with the investor owner’s agreement.
Issues related to post-retirement benefits, insurance coverage
and other employment benefits are discussed and addressed on
a consensual basis by representatives from the corporate Human
Resources, Consolidation,Treasury and Financing, and Administrative
Services Departments, as well as the Group’s consulting actuary.
When necessary, the Group Retirement Benefits Committee set
up in 2007 validates the decisions resulting from these consensual
discussions.The Committee continued its activities in 2014, in line
with prior years, and is scheduled to meet again in 2015.
For Accor, diversity is a key component in driving performance and
innovation, while fostering non-discrimination and equal opportunity
across the organization. A structured framework created for our
diversity commitments in 2008 is driving a variety of programs to
support and demonstrate these commitments.
Initiatives designed to address
four challenges
Initiatives undertaken to encourage diversity, ensure equal opportunity
and fight against discrimination are underpinned by four challenges:
corporate social responsibility:
as a fair and sustainable employer,
Accor has the duty to reflect the diversity of its host communities;
attractiveness as an employer:
Accor is a Company that respects
its employees and projects a positive image to the public;
business performance:
making diversity a priority helps Accor
to deliver customized solutions to meet guest expectations;
operating performance:
inclusiveness and social cohesion are
important factors for well-being in the workplace, because a
fulfilled employee is an efficient employee.
Accor’s diversity policy is expressed
in its International Diversity Charter
Accor recognizes that every employee is different and that overall
performance depends on the skills of each individual.This commitment
to diversity is structured around formalized undertakings and priorities
for 2015 in the following areas:
diversity of origins;
gender diversity and gender equality in the workplace;
integration of people with disabilities;
age diversity.
This commitment to supporting diversity and fighting discrimination
is clearly defined in our International Diversity Charter, which was
deployed in 2011 and translated into 13 languages.
The Charter serves as the foundation of our diversity policy, based
on seven key commitments:
give every employee the opportunity to succeed
by taking
their capabilities into account at each stage in their careers;
fight against all forms of discrimination
on the basis of ethnic,
social or cultural origin, gender, age, physical characteristics,
disabilities, religion, language, marital status, union membership,
sexual orientation or other characteristics;
conduct diversity surveys
in every host country;
offer every manager diversity training
or a sensitivity course,
based on the local situation and available training resources;
act as diversity ambassadors
to customers, suppliers, hotel
owners, investors and other partners, with the goal of fostering
a shared ethical commitment;
report to the Group Executive Committee once a year
diversity programs underway across the Group, to obtain the
Committee’s guidance and recommendations for pathways to
In 2014, Accor continued to roll out the Charter to Executive
Committees worldwide.
Equal opportunity resources
Two main channels are being used to guarantee equal opportunity
and eradicate stereotyping – training employees and demonstrating
the best practices already being applied in the Group. As part of
this process, a wide range of general or issue-specific resources
have been developed to review our commitments, provide access
to reference documents to improve understanding of the issues,
and offer guidelines or examples for putting the commitments
into practice. These include the corporate diversity Intranet, the
Diversity Glossary, the “Managing Diversity” e-learning program,
the guide for recruiters and managers, the Recruitment Charter, the
Parenthood Guide, the Disability Guide and guidelines for organizing
a disability awareness day.
Lastly, discrimination alert plans have also been defined locally so that
anyone experiencing discrimination knows who to contact and how.
Promoting gender diversity and equality
A target of having women account for 35% of hotel General
Managers has been set for 2015. However, compared with 2013,
the percentage of women General Managers decreased by one
point in 2014, to 27%. The ultimate goal is to achieve gender
parity in this key position by implementing the corrective actions
underway since 2014.
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