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Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Partnering with educational institutions
To promote the hospitality industry and its professions, Accor
forges and maintains close ties and partnerships with a wide range
of business schools, hotel management schools and universities
in its host countries, as can be seen in the following examples.
The vocational and adult training agreement signed in 1999 with
France’s National Education Ministry aims to guide young graduates’
career choices by providing them with more information and to
raise awareness of hospitality and food services professions among
secondary school teachers. To enhance revenue management
education, Accor offers its RM Partner School program at certain
schools and has also been partnering the Revenue Management
Masters degree offered by Institut Paul Bocuse and IAE Savoie
Mont-Blanc in France since late 2011.
Management development and mobility
Programs to become a manager
Programs have been especially introduced to enable employees,
either newly hired or with several years of experience, to move
into management positions over the medium to long term. Internal
promotion is a reality at Accor, where employees are encouraged to
rise rapidly through the ranks. This is reflected in the age pyramid
for hotel managers.
Age pyramid at Accor hotels in 2014
Under 25 25-34 35-44 45-54 Over 55
Total managers
2% 37% 36% 19% 6%
Since 1997, Accor International Hospitality Management Program
(IHMP) has been helping to create a pool of international managers.
The result of a collaborative venturewith the ESSEC business school’s
MBA in Hospitality Management program (IMHI), IHMP’s classes are
taught in English as part of a curriculum structured around six main
issues: Business Strategy and Value Creation; Human Resources
Management; Finance; Revenue Management; Marketing, Sales
and Distribution; and Communication. IHMP certification gives
participants 20% of the credits required for the ESSEC MBA in
Hospitality Management. Since 1997, the MBA program has been
attended by 449 people.The class of 2014-2015 is being sponsored
by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sébastien Bazin, while
the next class, half of whom will be women, will be sponsored by
Chief Financial Officer Sophie Stabile.
In the Asia-Pacific region, General Managers may attend a 12-month
management skills development program comprising two days of
onsite courses and six e-learning modules developed with Cornell
University as part of a broader program. Participants may also work
together on projects in their offices or
social media.
This system is being extended by a certification process that validates
skills learned on the job and enhances employability within the
organization. Thanks to a partnership agreement signed with the
Glion Institute of Higher Education, any Accor hotel manager can
validate his or her years of experience with an MBA in International
Hospitality and Service Industries Management and move up to
higher positions in the Group.The MBA Glion Online program saw
its first students graduate in 2014 and is continuing in 2015 with ten
managers enrolled. Most are hotel General Managers or Operations
Directors, based in host countries around the world, fromAustralia
and Indonesia to Germany and Dubai.
Preparing the next generation of enterprising
international managers
In 2014, as part of its reorganization, Accor began to devise a career
management strategy to instill a Groupwide vision in addition to the
policies deployed by the brands or in the host countries.
The new strategy is designed to give Accor:
greater agility
in foreseeing and embracing the new capabilities
and skills that managers need to acquire to meet emerging
career paths, with horizontal as well as vertical
ability to make commitments
to managers and offer them
clear prospects for the future.
As part of this project, the mindsets and behaviors expected of
Group Talents were defined and the process of identifying these
individuals began with an initialTalent Review organized in October.
Special programs dedicated to promising young people (School
of Excellence, Globe Trotters, MDP, etc.) have been deployed or
revised. Another program intended for senior executives (Leadership
Journey) will be rolled out in 2015.
In 2014, priorities were also defined for deployment in 2015:
build the strategic principles and deploy a career management
continue to identify talents and develop theTalent Management
design and implement a new international mobility policy.
International mobility
With operations in 92 countries, Accor offers employees a wide
range of international career opportunities.The International Mobility
and Expatriation teams are dedicated to supporting cross-border
mobility by identifying the appropriate profiles, managing paperwork
and practical issues, and ensuring compliance with Group mobility
A dedicated International Mobility Intranet site provides employees
with such useful information as travel and visa formalities, checklists,
country guides, etc.
Registration Document 2014
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