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Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Job-specific training programs have also been developed to give
all Accor-brand employees – estimated at close to 180,000 – the
opportunity to acquire new skills or hone their expertise at a time
of significant change in the industry.This is particularly the case in:
offered to every sales manager, the Sales & Distribution
Pass training module is part of an ambitious program to improve
the professionalism of the Group’s sales teams, from hiring to
career development. Over the past four years, around 600 sales
experts have attended the program;
revenue management:
a dedicated revenue manager job track
is being supported by the RM Pass series of specialized training
courses, which are designed to enhance the capabilities of revenue
managers and other employees who help to optimize hotel
revenue, such as General Managers. Around 2,500 employees
have completed the RMDimension and RMPRO training courses;
the new Distribution Excellence (DEX) program is
primarily designed to help hotel General Managers and revenue
managers to understand the major issues and challenges raised
by today’s booking channels and methods. It also provides keys
to building a strategy and developing everyday distribution tactics
for their hotels. The program has been completed by 1,000
employees since the beginning of 2013.
In 2014, following the revamp of the Attitudes of Service for the
Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Mercure, Novotel and ibis family brands,
a broad range of training programs were conducted across the
Group to instill the mindsets and behaviors employees need to
demonstrate their brand spirit.
In the same way, the introduction of the Welcome program (see
page 50) was supported by courses to instill new behaviors focused
on delivering a warm, friendly guest experience.
To offer managers varied and exciting career opportunities, Académie
Accor acts as a powerful skills development and training enabler,
open to employees around the globe.
Académie Accor
Created in 1985, Académie Accor was Europe’s first corporate
university in the services industry. Its dedicated training and skills
development courses may be attended by any Accor-brand employee,
regardless of job family, educational background, position or seniority.
This means that all of the owned, leased, managed and franchised
hotels have access to the courses, which may be tailored to the
specific needs of each hotel’s management structure. Supported by
a network of 18 campuses around the world, Académie Accor offers
training in all hospitality-related professions and areas of expertise,
as well as in management and personal growth. It also serves as a
forum for sharing best practices and instilling our corporate culture.
Académie Accor’s primary mission is to train employees so that
every guest enjoys impeccable quality of service. Its second mission
is to support Accor expansion by enhancing professionalism in
every job family. This is particularly the case in certain countries
without any hotel schools, where Académie Accor serves as an
effective substitute. Lastly, Académie Accor trains managers in
management practices.
Académie Accor is guided by four fundamental teaching goals:
reflect each brand’s identity by designing, producing and delivering
dedicated course content;
address the latest business, technological and social trends, so
as to offer innovative learning tools;
convey Accor’s unique culture, management philosophy and
hotel management methods;
encourage Accor people to embrace continuous improvement
and to offer attractive learning solutions to support their career
In addition to the some one hundred professional trainers teaching
in the Académies, more than 700 Accor “certified trainer” managers
are helping to deploy corporate and brand-specific instruction and
instill our culture. These managers, who are a driving force in the
, have been certified according to Accor standards based
on the Group’s job family specifications.
With more than 250 training modules offered in 75 countries around
the world and in 20 languages, the Académie Accor is positioned
as the international benchmark in hospitality skills development.
It is also setting new standards in innovation by offering training
programs that increasingly integrate new technologies, such as
e-learning modules, virtual classrooms and an increasingly wide
array of mobile apps.
Days of training
Training hours
(1) The indicator relating to the number of training days was dropped in 2014, in favor of the number of training hours.To avoid inaccurate comparisons, the data expressed
in hours has not been converted into days (see page 75).
(2) The number of training hours in 2013 is given for information purposes, based on the number of training days and assuming an eight-hour day.
At Accor, skills acquisition extends well beyond Académie Accor.
Managers also lead training sessions, for example during the induction
process or concerning brand-specific issues. These sessions are
designed to have a direct impact on service quality and spirit and
must be attended by everyone. They are offered in addition to
mandatory health and safety training. The method of calculation
was changed in 2014, making prior-year comparisons difficult.
Registration Document 2014
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