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Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
The men and women who make up the Accor corporate community
– our human capital – play an essential role in securing our success
and driving our performance. The Group is deeply committed to
increasing their skills, engagement and motivation, which are vital
sources of value, through a clear vision and ambitious strategic
objectives for its human resources policies.
In this spirit and to address the Group’s new challenges, the human
resources vision was revamped in 2014: empowering Accor men and
women, driving innovation and promoting excellence as a source
of differentiation, in order to be the world’s most attractive and
appealing hospitality group. “The newworld of Hospitality is yours!”
To fulfill this vision, the Human Resources Department is being
supported by:
new organization
for human resources;
newmanagerial mindset,
shaped by three principles – agility,
clarity and accountability (see page 27). In 2014, an initiative was
undertaken to significantly change our management culture;
five strategic objectives:
instill and nurture bonds of trust,
set the standard as a school for the hospitality industry of
the future,
develop our skills base and collective intelligence,
prepare the next generation of enterprising international
assert an identity as an employer of choice;
commitment of each brand, country organization and
hotel to embracing and demonstrating
the entire human
resources eco-system (vision, values, management principles,
strategic objectives, etc.).
The strategic objectives have been embodied in a 2015-2017 roadmap
involving all of the related Human Resources Departments and in
2015, five major projects will be launched:
a Learning & Development program dedicated to tomorrow’s
the deployment of a Groupwide digital Learning & Development
the formalization of the Group’s new management culture;
a new performance review process reflecting the characteristics
of the new management culture;
a Business Intelligence project to measure and analyze the actual
impacts of our HR policies.
Accor’s business is built around quality of service and guest
satisfaction. Employee quality, enthusiasmand engagement represent
a key link in the value creation chain. Employee engagement is
measured to optimize this dynamic, define remedial action plans
as needed, enhance Accor’s identity as an employer and attract
and retain the finest talents.
Assessing employee engagement
and well-being
Managers have access to two tools for assessing employee
engagement, well-being and morale – employee opinion surveys
and the Local Climate and Personal Initiative (CLIP) survey. Both
of them support the Group’s management process and enable it
to prepare appropriate action plans.
Employee surveys
In 2014, the employee opinion survey system was revised to bring
it in line with the new strategic vision, as well as with the new
organization by region and business segment. It also needed to
reflect the new management culture and offer systematic global
coverage. The entire system – objectives, processes, indicators,
questionnaires, data processing, even the format of the action
plans – was zero-based and rethought, while retaining the core
principles of completeness and confidentiality.
Future surveys in the new format will be conducted every year and
on a worldwide basis, beginning in September 2015.
Local Climate and Personal Initiative (CLIP)
All managers, regardless of their hotel’s operating structure, can use
the CLIP survey to assess the quality of the local working environment
and the engagement of their teams. Each team member fills in a
confidential questionnaire that covers eight topics, including job
fulfillment, the circulation of information, individual initiative, and
respect and recognition, etc.
Designed for use by managers across all operating structures, CLIP
is available in 11 languages, in hard copy or as a file downloadable
from the Group intranet.
Enhancing Accor’s identity
as an employer of choice
Celebrating the remarkable accomplishments
of the Group’s employees
Every year, Accor honors employees from owned, leased and
managed hotels and the head offices for accomplishments deemed
to be exceptional and to exemplify the Group’s corporate culture.
In 2014, the celebration was revamped and reorganized around
three awards, two for individual initiatives – the Gold Bernache
and the Silver Bernache – and one for team initiatives – the Team
Bernache. The accomplishments are anonymously assessed by a
panel of ten judges from across the organization, based on criteria
reflecting Accor values and management principles.
In 2015, 10 Gold Bernaches, 30 Silver Bernaches and five Team
Bernaches will be awarded to the year’s successful initiatives.
Registration Document 2014
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