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Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Accor, a unique employment model
Accor’s business creates and maintains many jobs in 92 countries. As of the end of December 2014, there were around 180,000 Accor
brand employees worldwide.
However, a significant percentage of these people do not directly work for Accor but for the business partners,
the owners of managed
or franchised hotels and a variety of service providers.
Indirect sphere:
Tier one suppliers and sub-contractors (temporary employees, laundry services, housekeeping
and grounds maintenance staff, etc.), as well as the rest of the supply chain (tiers 2, 3, 4, etc.).
The number of jobs indirectly supported by these purchases is estimated at around 260,000.
Direct sphere:
Accor-brand employees, which included at December 31, 2014
- 48,000 Accor employees working in owned and leased hotels
- 93,000 Accor-brand employees working in managed hotels
- an estimated 36,000 Accor-brand employees working in franchised hotels
Franchised hotels
Managed hotels
and leased hotels
Deployment of human resources policies and tools is tailored to
each of the three operating structures – owned and leased hotels,
managed hotels and franchised hotels.
Accor exercises its responsibilities as an employer only as
concerns its direct employees
in its various head offices and in
the owned and leased hotels. For these employees, our values,
management principles and human resources policies are directly
applied, along with all of the employee-relations responsibilities
inherent to our position as a direct employer.
For employees of managed hotels
employees paid by the
hotel owner), Group recommendations and policies may be applied
by the hotel manager, as long as the owner is willing to accept the
associated impact on costs and operations.
BecauseAccor has little influence over HR practices in franchised
(franchised hotel employees are paid by the franchisee),
the Group strives to share its values and commitments in its
communications and day-to-day interactions with franchisees. Accor
brand employees deal with guests and are ambassadors for the
hotel brand and its values.
This is done through three main channels:
Franchise Committees in France, which meet three or four times
a year, depending on the brand, to review and make note of
developments in such areas as brand identity, marketing and
Group processes. In other geographies, Franchisee Conventions
are regularly organized for the same purpose;
Directors of Franchise Operations, who are in close and constant
contact with the franchise operators in the regions and brands
for which they act as ambassadors;
access to dedicated content on the corporate Intranet and to the
training courses provided by Académie Accor.
Employment and employee-relations issues are managed directly
by the owners of franchised and managed hotels. Even though
Accor is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and
human resources of managed hotels, it cannot negotiate collective
agreements on behalf of franchise owners or directly influence the
preparation of employment contracts and compensation packages.
Registration Document 2014
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