2014 Registration Document and Annual Financial Report - page 33

Corporate responsibility
Managing the stakeholder dialogue process
Solidarity Accor
The Solidarity Accor corporate endowment fund spent 2014 consolidating its activities following its change in legal status, particularly
its first year of operation under the new legal status as an endowment fund, as opposed to previous corporate foundation status;
the election of a new Board of Directors;
the introduction of new fund-raising systems, in particular
the Le Club Accorhotels loyalty program;
the sustained deployment of programs to support communities and associations (see page 59).
Just like the hotel data reporting system, the method used for deploying our CSR commitments, policies and programs depends on
whether the hotels are owned, leased, managed or franchised.
CSR commitments apply to every Accor hotel regardless of operating structure.
The PLANET 21 program covers the owned, leased and managed hotels. In the case of franchised hotels, if the program is included
in the franchise agreement, it must be deployed. Otherwise, implementation is recommended to the owner, who makes the final
Human resources policies and tools are deployed differently depending on the type of operating structure (see page 36). Most of
them apply directly to owned, leased or managed hotels, with the exception of social dialogue, which is led at Group level only for
owned and leased units. The Group offers franchised hotel recommendations and a variety of tools, but they remain responsible
for their own human resource policies.
As a listed company headquartered in France, Accor has a legal obligation to disclose employee, social and environmental information
for all of the entities in its scope of consolidation, which corresponds to owned and leased hotels. Accor has chosen to extend this
disclosure, whenever possible, to all of the hotels operating under its brands. Depending on the issue, the reported data therefore
include a more or less large percentage of the managed and franchised hotels.
A deployment process aligned with each hotel’s operating structure
Registration Document 2014
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