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Investor relations and documents on display
In addition to theAnnual Meeting and the events organized to present
the annual results, Accor keeps both individual and institutional
shareholders informed of the latest developments on a highly
responsive daily basis. This information is tailored to the specific
needs of different types of shareholders and financial analysts while
constantly complying with the principle of fair access to information.
Meetings with investors
In 2014, Accor met with 611 representatives from more than 372
financial institutions and organized 23 roadshows in Europe, North
America and Asia.
These events included hotel visits that enabled investors to talk
with line managers and gain a better understanding of management
practices and processes. Accor also took part in eight investor
conferences during the year, in France, the United Kingdom and
the United States.
Held on April 29, 2014 at the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel, the Annual
Shareholders’ Meeting was attended by 298 people and provided
many opportunities for exchanging views and opinions.
Accor Shareholders Club
Created in May 2000, the Accor Shareholders Club had 10,050
members at year-end 2014, with each one owning at least 50 bearer
shares or one registered share.
Among the many advantages members enjoy are regular e-mail
updates throughout the year with press releases, the Letter to
Shareholders and other news, the possibility of subscribing to all
of our other corporate publications, the opportunity to discover
our businesses in a more personal way through site visits, and VIP
invitations to investor events in which Accor participates.
As part of the Le Club Accorhotels loyalty program, Shareholders
Club members receive a Le Club Accorhotels Platinum Card, which
doubles the points earned when they stay at participating hotels
and offers them exclusive advantages. Club members also receive
promotional offers on Group products.
Discussions were initiated in early 2015 on how to improve the Club
and more effectively meet our members’ expectations, particularly in
the area of digital technology. In addition, an information campaign will
be finalized in the first half of the year to enable all of our individual
shareholders to comply with the Club’s new terms and conditions.
Working group on the individual
shareholder relations process
Created in 2007, a working group of Shareholders Club members
is exploring ways to encourage exchanges of views and opinions
with our individual shareholders and to improve the individual
shareholder relations process.
The group currently comprises 13 members, who met twice in
2014 – first on April 7 at Accor’s registered office, which was followed
by lunch at the Sofitel Arc deTriomphe and a tour of the hotel, and
then on November 20 at the Molitor hotel in Paris.
The agenda for the two meetings was as follows:
April 7, 2014:
preparations for the 2014 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting,
a discussion about the new strategy defined by Sébastien
Bazin for Accor, based on leveraging the value and strategic
fit between HotelServices and HotelInvest;
November 20, 2014:
a presentation on the challenges facing Accor in the area of
digital technology and its digital transformation strategy, which
will be implemented through eight dedicated programs, as part
of a five-year, €225 million investment plan,
a look back at the first ShareholderWebzine published in August
2014 and a discussion about the second edition, which was
released in December 2014,
a discussion about the replacement of the Shareholder Club
working group with Accor’s Shareholder Advisory Committee
in December 2014 and the revamping of the Shareholders Club
in February 2015 with the addition of new benefits.
In first-half 2015, the Shareholders Club working group will be
replaced by a new Shareholder Advisory Committee with nine
members.The new Committee aims to provide greater visibility for
our stakeholders and be more representative of the new generations
of Accor’s individual shareholders.
Registration Document 2014
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