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Corporate responsibility
Managing the stakeholder dialogue process
The Corporate Human Resources Department
has numerous
contacts in the regions, countries and hotels.
Country Human Resources Directors report to their country’s
Operating Department.They align Group policies with local conditions
and practices, address staffing issues in line with business needs
and develop dedicated resources, if necessary. They can leverage
all of the expertise and tools developed at Group level, thereby
generating synergies that ensure consistency in practices and
increase their impact.
Organized into centers of expertise, the Corporate Human
Resources Department interacts directly with the regional and
country human resources departments and jointly with all of the
operating departments and support functions, such as Legal Affairs,
Communication, Marketing, IT and Sustainable Development.
Its main expertise units are as follows:
Learning & Development and Académie Accor;
Corporate Compensation and Employee Benefits;
Talent Management and International Mobility;
HR Marketing and Employer Brand;
Social Responsibility and Employee Relations;
Head Office and Corporate Human Resources;
Brand/Segment Human Resources (Economy, Midscale, Luxury
and Upscale).
The Solidarity Accor corporate endowment fund
disadvantaged and socially isolated people by supporting outreach
projects championed by employees. It is guided in this mission
by a number of decision making and advisory bodies, including a
Board of Directors, a Selection Committee and a standing team
working with local correspondents. These correspondents, who
come from the region concerned by the project or have worked
there for several years, act as relays between Solidarity Accor and
local employees. They also provide useful information and advice
concerning the projects.
Addressing CSR issues
at other management levels
CSR issues and challenges are addressed across the Group’s
decision-making organization. For example, the regional Executive
Committees led by the members of the Group Executive Committee
regularly discuss sustainable development and human resources
issues at their meetings, which may be attended from time to
time by representatives from the corporate Human Resources
or Sustainable Development Departments. These issues are also
addressed at the annual conventions organized by the corporate
functions, such as the Legal Affairs Convention, the Development
Convention and the Franchisees Convention in France.
Conversely, Executive Committee members are directly involved
in the bodies tasked with leading the CSR process:
Executive Committee members are invited to address seminars
organized for the Human Resources and Sustainable Development
networks. In 2014, for example, the Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer and the Chief Operating Officer of HotelInvest spoke at
the PLANET 21 seminar;
the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in charge of Transformation,
Human Resources and Legal takes part in meetings for the
corporate Human Resources community;
the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial
Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of HotelServices, Germany,
Poland and Central Europe all sit on Solidarity Accor’s Board of
Registration Document 2014
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