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Corporate responsibility
Vision and commitments
Outside partnerships to extend the process
To capitalize on the capabilities and recommendations of organizations
with recognized expertise in key issues, partnerships have been
forged to help drive continuous improvement.
(End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography & Trafficking of
Children for Sexual Purposes): since 2001, Accor has been engaged
in the fight against child sex exploitation in its hotels in partnership
with ECPAT International, an NGO comprising 77 organizations in
more than 70 countries. Between 2008 and 2013, Accor was a
member of the Executive Committee of the “Code of Conduct for
the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and
Tourism”, developed by ECPAT and theWorldTourism Organization
(see page 57).
Pur Projet:
this organization is dedicated to combating climate
change through reforestation and forest conservation projects,
with a focus on the involvement of local communities. Since 2012,
a partnership with Pur Projet has supported the development of
Accor Plant for the Planet program (see page 69).
Highlights of the year
2014 highlights
Accorlive global Intranet revamped and Accorlounge enterprise social network launched.
Online hiring strengthened by the creation of the ibisjobs.com website and the launch of the accorjobs.com
mobile app.
Accor “Carte Bienvenue” (offering special benefits for employees) revamped and partnerships extended.
Support measures for the head office voluntary separation plan finalized.
NewWelcome process (page 50).
Voice of the Guest program introduced to drive continuous improvement in the guest experience (page 49).
Spirit of Service guidelines revamped for the Mercure and Novotel brands and prepared for ibis Styles.
PLANET 21 signage updated (page 30).
Franchisees, owners
and property investors
Nearly 20 conferences and investor fairs sponsored around the world, including IHIF Berlin, HICSA Mumbai,
AHIC Dubai, AHIF Addis Ababa and EQUIP HOTEL Paris.
Annual franchisee conference held in Rio de Janeiro.
Creation of a new worldwide database with the contact details of existing and potential investors and
partners, which Accor teams can use to track current projects and exchange information among the country
Suppliers, contractors
and financial and
business partners
Collaborative CSR venture formed with our largest baked goods supplier and a uniforms vendor.
Collaborative venture formed with a mid-sized French company to equip Novotel units with a bundle
of interactive, multi-user solutions, intended especially for children.
Position of Vice-President, Entrepreneur Promotion and Support created to bring entrepreneurs and mid-sized
businesses into the Group and to support them in their collaboration with Accor to help encourage initiative
and agility across the organization.
Communities and
local development
Comprehensive sensitivity training and information kit prepared to combat child sex tourism, in partnership
with ECPAT France and two French Interior Ministry organizations – the International Cooperation Directorate
(DCI) and the Central Office for the Repression of Violence Against Individuals (OCRVP) (page 58).
“One CSR Initiative per Month” program introduced in Mexico, to encourage hotels to focus every month
on a CSR issue resonant with their guests, employees and host communities.
Institutional and
industry stakeholders
Participation in international consortia or international trade organizations, like WTTC, ITP and HOTREC,
and in national trade organizations, like UMIH and GNC, in a spirit of sharing and collaboration.
Serving on the steering committee for the ILO Global Business and Disability Network, at the International
Labour Organization’s request.
Organization of the Take-Off student challenge, whose subject in 2014 was “How will mobile use transform
the hospitality industry and the guest experience?”.
Financial community Meetings with 611 investors,
conferences, roadshows and reverse roadshows.
Presentation by Tristan Lecomte at the April 29 2014 Annual General Assembly concerning the partnership
with Pur Projet and the objectives and results of the Plant for the Planet program.
Registration Document 2014
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