2014 Registration Document and Annual Financial Report - page 25

Corporate responsibility
Vision and commitments
Accor hotels are like a city where half a million people live every
day. As such, they form living communities deeply anchored in
their cultural, historical or natural heritage, interacting both with
people in the local economy to procure goods and services and
with the host population as a whole. Like a city, they use natural
resources, produce waste and release effluent, as well as manage
their relationships with local authorities.
Because Accor is the sum of its 3,700 hotels, each of which
is primarily focused on the economic actors and communities
living nearby, our operations are seamlessly interwoven with our
stakeholders’ activities and expectations, especially at the local level.
As a result, managing stakeholder relationships is an intrinsic part
of our business, and a strategic driver for a hospitality company.
Stakeholders, the associated challenges
and how value is shared
In 2013, a mapping exercise, carried out with the support of the
corporate departments, helped to identify our stakeholders, determine
the type of dialogue fosteredwith each one, and compare stakeholder
and corporate views on the criticality of various CSR issues.
In 2014, this process was taken to the next level with a study that
gave rise to the following diagram, which offers an overview of our
leading stakeholders and each one’s key issues. It also illustrates,
for the first time, how these stakeholders share in the financial
value that Accor creates.
Registration Document 2014
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