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Corporate responsibility
Vision and commitments
A pioneering company, Accor has built its history on a deep dedication to forging ties.
“As a leader, we have always cared about upholding a high level of commitment to our employees, our guests, our partners and our
host communities in more than 90 countries.This is our duty as a good corporate citizen.Today, our corporate social responsibility
process is irrigating every aspect of our business, creating not only economic value for the Company and its partners, but also
social, environmental and societal value for every stakeholder in the Accor ecosystem. However, it’s not enough to create this
value, you also have to share it.
Inspired by our commitments, which were reaffirmed in 2014 in our Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, Accor
will continue to reinvent itself and enhance its appeal, while driving sustainable growth for the benefit of all our stakeholders.”
Sébastien Bazin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
As an international hospitality group, Accor has a simple mission:
to welcome guests and make them feel at home with lodging and
meals everywhere around the world. In fulfilling this mission, all of our
strategic decisions are shaped by two imperatives.The first, inherent
to any company, is to make a profit.The second is an expression of
the growing awareness of global challenges, which demands that
companies assume new responsibilities, such as sharing the value
they create, nurturing fair and equitable stakeholder relations and
integrating social responsibility and environmental considerations
into their business practices.
Accor’s business model holistically addresses both of these
imperatives through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) process
that meets the expectations of our two main customers: the guests
we welcome in our hotels and the investors and franchisees who
help to expand our network.The model comes to life in our hotels,
our core business unit and the embodiment of our deep local roots
in both our host communities and society as a whole. It is nurtured
by the close relationships forged between a hotel’s employees and
its service providers and suppliers, the primary source of guest
satisfaction and an enriching guest experience.
In addition to quality of service, guests express a multiplicity of
expectations concerning Accor including: the best room rates; an
ideal location in the chosen destination and the possibility of enjoying
the same experience in a variety of destinations around the world;
an easy guest journey (in particular booking, which is now largely
done online); the desire for a moving, personal experience; and the
emerging and increasingly earnest “search for meaning”.
Through its two businesses, HotelServices and HotelInvest, Accor
is working every day to meet these needs, often with the beneficial
support of the CSR process. Examples include:
managing expenses by (i) leveraging its expertise as a hotel
operator (as seen, for example, in the employee retention programs
that hold down turn-over costs); (ii) optimizing procurement and
securing supply with local solutions; and (iii) reducing energy
and other costs;
developing attractive, innovative new products and services,
particularly in the area of social responsibility, which address our
guests’ search for meaning.
Registration Document 2014
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