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Corporate Presentation
Strategic vision and outlook
Fourth-quarter 2014 trends continued into January and February 2015,
with situations varying by geography. In Europe, performances
were very strong in the United Kingdom and robust in Germany,
but more mixed in France. After eight straight years of contraction,
operations in Southern Europe (Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece)
enjoyed a clear rebound in demand, which gained momentum during
the year and continued into early 2015. Despite a slight decline in
China, business remained very firm in the Africa-Middle East and
Asia-Pacific regions. On the other hand, the Americas saw the
beginnings of a slowdown in the second half, led by Brazil, which
had sharply outperformed through to July 2014 due to preparations
for the FIFAWorld Cup.
In an economic environment that remains uncertain in France,
business is still robust, in line with what was observed in late
2014. As a result, Accor has entered 2015 relatively confident in
its business outlook.
During the year, the Group intends to accelerate its transformation on
the basis of the broad outlines set in 2014, with several large-scale
accelerating implementation of the HotelInvest asset restructuring
deploying the eight Digital Plan programs;
optimizing development and building the brands;
deploying a new vision for food services and procurement;
modernizing our culture, primarily by upgrading our operating
In October 2014, Accor announced the roll-out of a €225-million
investment plan that will engage the Group in a wide-ranging digital
transformation aimed at consolidating its leadership across the
guest experience value chain.
The “Leading Digital Hospitality” plan is based on a holistic response
to the challenges of an increasingly digital world, in a market
environment shaped by the accelerating pace of change both in
technologies and in guest behavior.
Built around three targets – customers, employees and partners
– the plan is designed to rethink the role of digital technology and
incorporate it into every aspect of the customer journey, while also
improving our offering for investor partners and consolidating our
distribution market share. It is being supported by two pillars, IT
infrastructure and data management, and deployed through eight
programs, which will begin to deliver their first benefits in 2015.
1. An integrated plan based on
eight programs
Four of the programs are focused on guest benefits, in a commitment
to understanding guests better and improving their experience in
our hotels. At the same time, they will step up the acquisition of
new guests in the databases and help to retain their business.
“Mobile First”
is aligned with the growing migration to mobile
devices, such as smartphones and tablets, by offering a single
app incorporating all of our guest services before, during and
after the stay.
“Customer Centric”
will develop and use databases to ensure
personalized follow-up and services, while centralizing guest
feedback on the corporate Voice of the Guest platform.
“Seamless Journey”
will deliver a smooth guest experience at
every stage of their journey, with electronic payment solutions,
one-click booking, online check-in and the virtual Le Club
Accorhotels card.
“Mice & BtoB”
will develop innovative digital solutions for
businesses, such as online booking of meeting rooms, and will
increasingly incorporate BtoB services in the global booking
website, accorhotels.com.
In addition to guests, the plan also includes programs dedicated
to employees and partners:
“Employee Friendly”
aims to simplify check-in processes using
tablets and smartphones, develop online training solutions and
encourage experience sharing via “AccorLive”, our corporate
social network.
“Owner & Franchise Centric”
will make Accor the industry’s
most efficient and transparent partner, in particular by offering
comprehensive dynamic pricing and revenue management
solutions, a dedicated portal to access personalized information
and services and an optimized billing process, starting in 2015.
Lastly, our digital transformation also involves consolidating our IT
applications and systems to make them even more robust and agile.
In this regard, the following programs will be implemented in 2015:
will focus on optimizing systems
to bring new services to market more quickly and keep pace with
rising transaction volumes.
“Business Intelligence &Analytics”
will ensure that operational
decisions are increasingly based on analyses of the large volumes
of data collected, particularly from the hotels.
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