2014 Registration Document and Annual Financial Report - page 151

Statutory Auditors’ special report on related party agreements and commitments
2. With Institut Paul Bocuse
Type of commitment and purpose:
Agreement providing for a cash advance in the form of a loan
Executive officer concerned and other related party:
Sven Boinet, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Accor and Accor’s representative on
the Board of Directors of Institut Paul Bocuse; and Gerard Pelisson, Founding Co-Chairman of Accor and Chairman of Institut Paul Bocuse
Terms and conditions:
The Board of Directors authorized Accor, in its capacity as a member of the non-profit organization, to grant to Institut Paul Bocuse, a
€200,000 cash advance to the organization for a five-year period that bears interest at 2% per year.
Under this agreement – whose purpose is to help Institut Paul Bocuse invest in new equipment – Accor will play a part in expanding the
operations, notably outside France, of one of its long-standing partners.
The Company paid the €200,000 grant and received the related interest in 2014.
3. With Paul Dubrule and Gérard Pélisson, Accor’s Founding Co-Chairmen
Type of commitment and purpose:
Provision of resources
Terms and conditions:
On January 9, 2006, the Board of Directors authorized the Company to enter into an agreement with Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pelisson to
provide them with an office at the Company’s Paris headquarters, an assistant and a chauffeur for their terms as Founding Co-Chairmen
of the Group, and to reimburse any expenses incurred by them on Company business. This agreement remained in force in 2014.
Through these resources, the Founding Co-Chairmen are able to provide services that support the Group’s international expansion policy.
In 2014, the parties mutually agreed to terminate this agreement covering offices, assistants and a chauffeur; at the end of February 2014
for Mr. Paul Dubrule and at the end of June 2014 for Mr. Gérard Pélisson, respectively.
4. With ColSpa SAS
Type of commitment and purpose:
Hotel management contract between ColSpa SAS and Accor.
Executive officer concerned and other related party:
Mr. Nadra Moussalem, Principal of Colony Capital Europe and Director of Accor and Mr. Jonathan Grunzweig, Principal of Colony Capital
LLC and Director of Accor (since April 29, 2014).
Terms and conditions:
As part of Colony Capital SAS’s project to redevelop the site of the former Molitor swimming pool in Paris through its ColSpa SAS subsidiary,
ColSpA undertook to grant a contract to Accor to manage, under the MGallery banner, the 124-room hotel and various related facilities
to be built on the site.
This 10-year management contract will be automatically renewable for five years and its financial terms and conditions are comparable to
those usually negotiated by the Group for similar contracts.
The transaction fits with the Group’s development strategy and will enable it to manage a hotel at a prestigious location in western Paris
under its fast-growing MGallery brand.
Pursuant to this contract, the Company invoiced €292,398.58, excluding taxes, to ColSpa SAS in 2014.
Registration Document 2014
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