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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Measuring and assessing our performance
hotels that were closed for renovation or other reasons during
the reporting period or that suffered an exceptional event, such
as a flood or an earthquake, that disrupted their operations during
the reporting period;
the Adagio Aparthotels, which do not apply the Accor Charter 21
and are consolidated by Pierre et Vacances SA.
Charter 21 indicators are reported annually.
Charter 21 corresponds to a list of 65 actions designed to effectively
improve a hotel’s social responsibility performance. The Charter
21 Handbook describes the conditions for validating each action,
along with each one’s implementation method and environmental
and social responsibility benefits.
Results are expressed as a percentage comparing the number of
hotels implementing a given action to the total number of hotels
applying Charter 21. Some actions apply only to hotels equipped
with special facilities, such as a restaurant or laundry. In this case,
the percentage of hotels is calculated based solely on the total
number of hotels concerned.
Note that Charter 21 data are reported by the hotels concerned.
Data collection and control
Data are initially controlled by the hotel, where before entering them
online, the reporting officer is expected to verify that the actions
have been effectively implemented, with the support, if needed,
of the Charter 21 Handbook.
Data are then checked a second time by the country Charter
21 reporting officer and then again by the corporate Charter 21
reporting manager.
Lastly, they are verified a fourth time during quality audits performed
every year in the hotels, which cover the ten actions corresponding
to the Charter’s Bronze level.
Water and energy
Scope of reporting
The scope of reporting covers all of the owned, leased or managed
Accor-brand hotels open at December 31 of the reporting year,
except for:
hotels that are being gradually integrated into the Accor network
or are incapable of measuring use:
Hotels that joined the network after September 15 of the
reporting year;
New acquisitions during the reporting year that are not under
an Accor banner;
Hotels closed for renovation during the reporting period;
Thalassa sea and spa facilities, whose data are often reported
with their host hotel’s;
independently operated units or structures and franchised hotels:
, hotelF1 and Formule1 hotels operated under
commission-based management contracts;
Mercure Appartement in Brazil;
Ancillary in-hotel activities, such as retail outlets and residential
units, that are not managed by Accor (assuming their data can
be clearly segregated).
Energy use:
reported energy is the total amount of final energy used over
the year by the hotels, regardless of source (electricity, gas,
etc.) or purpose (lodging, foodservices, etc.);
total energy use is expressed in MWh;
fuel energy is calculated on the basis of each one’s heating
value (HV);
use data reported by the hotels are expressed by type of energy.
Water use:
reported water use is the total amount of water used over
the year by the hotels, regardless of purpose (foodservices,
grounds watering, etc.);
water from hotel pumping facilities is also measured, if they
are metered;
recycled rain or wastewater is measured, if the facilities are
total water use is expressed in cubic meters.
Greenhouse gas emissions:
reported emissions are both direct (from fuels like natural gas
and heating oil) and indirect (from the generation of electricity
or urban heating);
energy use is converted using the latest emission factors
of the GHG Protocol (available online);
total greenhouse gas emissions are expressed in tonnes
of CO
equivalent (teq CO
Data collection and control
Each hotel enters its monthly water and energy consumption data
and validates them in the OPEN reporting application.The data are
then checked by the country or regional organization and again at
Group level over the first 11 months of the reporting year.They are
re-checked over the entire twelve months at each level (country/
region and Group).
Scope of reporting
The scope of reporting covers all of the hotels for which a supplier
can report data for the entire year. In 2013, this concerned hotels in
Switzerland, Australia, Austria, the United Kingdom and Germany.
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