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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Measuring and assessing our performance
In 2012, we felt that this method under-estimated the number of
franchised hotel employees in France and Germany. It was therefore
adjusted to align it more closely with local conditions, although
probably with a slight over-estimation. As a result, the estimated
number of employees in our franchised hotels rose sharply over
the year. When combined with the increase in the number of
employees in managed hotels, this means that there were around
170,000 employees working under Accor brands worldwide in 2014.
data concerning the gender and nationality of hotel General
Managers are stated at the end of each half-year (
at June 30 or
December 31).
An employee is deemed to be a
when he or she manages
a team or a process like hiring or annual performance reviews, and/
or if he or she has a high level of expertise.This definition does not
correspond to the legal status of a manager (
) in France. Each
country’s Human Resources Department sets its own definition
based on local labor legislation, the characteristics of each job
and the hotel brand.
Employee movements
Every employee movement during the period is reported, regardless
of the type of job contract. A departure is not recorded as amovement
in the following cases:
when an employee changes from a non-permanent to a permanent
when a non-permanent contract is renewed without interruption.
when an employee transfers to another position in the Group.
Separations due to job abandonment are recorded as dismissals,
in as much as such abandonment is at the employee’s initiative
whereas termination is at the employer’s initiative.
Health and working conditions
A part-time employee is one who works fewer than a country’s
legal working hours, without including any overtime.
medical leave includes any leaves granted for illness, occupational
illness or work-related accident. It does not include maternity
and paternity leave;
unauthorized leaves do not give rise to any direct costs for the
Group because they include unauthorized absences without pay,
depending on local labor laws. This means that their number
may be underestimated, because unpaid leaves are not always
tracked by local Human Resources Departments. A campaign to
enhance awareness of this indicator should be deployed in 2014.
Days absent are reported in number of business days, as defined
by local labor legislation.
lost-time injury rate
corresponds the number of lost-time
incidents (as defined by local legislation) per million hours worked,
with lost-time considered to be at least one day.
Fatal workplace accidents
are counted in the number of lost-time
incidents. An accident is considered fatal if the employee dies within
365 days following the incident.
number of reported training days
includes courses conducted
by Académie Accor and contract service providers for hotels and
head offices, as well as the brand program training led by managers
for their teams.
Accor considers that these data reflect the majority of the training
offered to employees. However, part of the training conducted in
the hotels may not be reported to Group level. Examples include
induction courses for new hires or non-brand program courses
led by managers with the help of specialized materials provided
by the Académie Accor.
Training in a country’s hotels and head offices is reported in number
of days rather than hours.When courses, such as e-learningmodules,
last only a few hours, they are converted into days on the basis
of eight hours per day.
For the number of
employees having attended at least one
training course
, each trainee is counted once, even if he or she
attended several courses during the reporting period. However,
because people are often counted every time they attend a course,
this tends to over-estimate the total number.
In 2013, days of training and the number of employees having
attended at least one training course in managed Novotel units in
Russia were excluded after it was discovered that serious errors
had not be corrected during the consolidation process.
Charter 21
Reporting scope and frequency
The Charter 21 indicators cover all of the owned, leased, managed
and franchised hotels except for:
hotels that joined the Accor network after September 15 of the
reporting year;
hotels that were no longer part of the Accor network as of
December 31 of the reporting year;
Thalassa sea and spa facilities, whose data are often reported
with their host hotel’s;
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