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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Environmental commitments
Percentage of hotels participating in the Plant
for the Planet program
2015 Objective: 60%
Number of applicable hotels
4,013 3,331 3,401
1,404 hotels, or 41% of the consolidated total, participated in the Plant for the
Planet program through 21 reforestation and agroforestry projects in 2013,
when the process was consolidated and the partnership with Pur Project was
strengthened. In 2014, the emphasis will shift sharply to deploying the program
more widely across the hotel base, with the objective of having 60% of the hotels
participating by 2015.
Land use
The vast majority of Accor hotels are located in downtown
and suburban areas, where their environmental impact is
reduced because of local treatment services, especially for
water and waste.
building and refurbishment projects
in environmentally
sensitive areas, detailed environmental studies are conducted to
anticipate and minimize any adverse impact on their surroundings.
Introduced across the Group in 2008 and updated in 2013 (see pages
72), sustainable construction guidelines cover in particular a hotel’s
integration into the natural environment, which requires a siting and
pollution study by a qualified engineering firm prior to construction.
Lastly, among the Charter 21 indicators, two actions concern more
sustainable grounds management. This reflects the fact that, with
64% of our hotels having parks and gardens, the use of pesticides
represents a fairly significant challenge in protecting and promoting
biodiversity. In 2013, 72% of our hotels with a park or garden used
green garden products.
2.7.6. WASTE
Hotel waste comes from three main sources:
inputs, such as packaging, consumables (light bulbs, etc.)
and complimentary products (shower gels, brochures, etc.),
where the priority is to reduce volumes at source by getting
purchasing departments involved and to limit scrap during
in-hotel handling;
refurbishing and construction waste, where recycling is
increasingly used;
guest waste, where the focus is on increasing the percentage
of sorted and recycled waste.
Analysis of Accor waste
The 2011 environmental footprint study showed that, on a life-cycle
basis, Accor produces around 2.3 million tonnes of waste a year.
Contribution to waste by hotel business operation
On-site energy use
Operating waste
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