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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Environmental commitments
Accor’s environmental strategy is supported by cross-functional programs, such as the environmental management processes
used in the hotels and for our products and services, or the training and awareness building campaigns deployed for our guests
and employees. It is designed to effectively address our main environmental challenges in four primary areas: water, energy,
attenuation of local impacts and waste management.
Environmental management processes are deployed at two
levels: in the hotels to reduce their environmental footprint,
and in products and services, with a focus on eco-design
and innovation.
Environmental management in the hotels
In line with its commitments, Accor is steadily attenuating the direct
and indirect environmental impact of its hotels with the support of
two primary improvement drivers, Charter 21 and the ISO 14001
environmental certification program.
Two improvement drivers
Charter 21
Charter 21 is helping the hotels to deploy the PLANET 21 program
by providing an action framework for their sustainable development
process and by enabling them to improve and track their performance
over time (see page 42).
ISO 14001 environmental management certification
As part of the PLANET 21 program, Accor is committed to earning ISO
14001 certification for 40% of the hotel base by 2015, regardless of
operating structure. Due to financial and staffing issues, this objective
does not include hotels in the budget segment, operated under the
hotelF1, Formule 1 and ibis
brands. In particular, certification
is a highly demanding process for hotel employees, which makes it
difficult to implement in lightly staffed budget hotels.
To continue deploying certification, the ISO 14001 in ACTion
environmental management system (EMS) was finalized in 2013.
It enables hotels to diligently apply our environmental strategy
and to guarantee that our objectives will be met, while complying
with ISO 14001 standards. Deployment will also be facilitated by
an e-learning module that provides step-by-step support for hotels
in implementing the ISO 14001 EMS.
Accor has earned two ISO 14001 multi-site certificates:
ibis, with 681 ISO 14001-certified hotels, which use an integrated
management system that also ensures ISO9001 quality compliance;
Accor, with 219 ISO 14001-certified hotels under various brands,
including 98 % of Novotel and Suite Novotel units. These hotels
use the ISO 14001 in ACTion EMS.
ISO 14001 certification for the hotels means that they are applying
a structured environmental management process, backed by strict
procedures and effective resources.
Other facilities have also undertaken individual ISO 14001 certification
commitments and by end-2013, seven of them – six Thalassa Sea
& Spa hotels and one Académie Accor France site – had earned
Accor has been involved in the ISO 14001 certification program for
ten years, steadily optimizing the related procedures and resources
to guarantee its effectiveness. Its sustainability is secured by the
training and buy-in of every employee, in compliance with ISO 14001
standards, and by the ISO 14001 continuous improvement process.
Lastly, outside audits are regularly performed by a certified,
independent organization.
The main areas covered by the ISO 14001 process are as follows:
training, compliance, water/energy use, waste, chemicals and cleaning
products, cooling fluids, waste water and rain water, maintenance
and renovation, air and noise, biodiversity, complaints and requests
for information, and environmental emergencies.
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