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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Commitments to society
Developing solutions
In the area of cleaning products, Accor has had a single
approved supplier since 2009. This close cooperation has
enabled the development of new, more sustainable solutions
that are helping to shrink our environmental footprint. For
example, hotels in 38 countries have access to a full range of
eco-labeled cleaning solutions, so that 25% of all approved
cleaning products consumed by hotels in 2012were eco-labeled.
Over the years, the two companies have also developed a
strategy for optimizing product packaging, which has resulted
in a 99.89% reduction, from 141 grams per liter to less than
0.15 grams per liter.
Supplier relations
Accor is also committed to forging sustainable, long-term relationships
with its suppliers. A supplier relations survey conducted initially in
France has revealed that 60% of all French contracts are signed
with approved suppliers, two thirds of approved suppliers have
had contracts with Accor for at least five years, and around
66% of approved suppliers are small businesses with less than
250 employees.
Led by the Accor Foundation since 2008, Accor’s corporate
citizenship commitment was transferred in September 2013 to
a new endowment fund, Solidarity Accor, which is breathing
new life into the programs underway for the past five years. In
addition to their personal or technical involvement in helping
disadvantaged and socially isolated people, our employees,
franchise partners and the general public can now donate
financially to the programs undertaken demonstrate our caring
hospitality across national borders.This new fundraising ability
means that we can support more projects and seek donations
from a wider public, particularly in emergency situations.
A revitalized vision
Followingon fromtheAccor Foundation,SolidarityAccor’smission
is to“forge ties between cultures by supporting the development
of individuals and their integration into the community.”
Employees play a central role in fulfilling this mission, with the
fund providing technical and financial assistance for carrying
out their projects in our host communities around the world.
Solidarity Accor delivers its support in three main focus areas:
local know-how:
supporting socio-economic initiatives that
promote traditional industries and techniques;
training and insertion:
facilitating training and insertion
for disadvantaged young people;
humanitarian and emergency aid:
helping populations in great
difficulty and responding to humanitarian disasters
The shared objective is to empower people in difficulty by deploying
project models that are economically viable and self-sustaining
over the medium term.
All of the projects are led by non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
or by local not-for-profit associations for the benefit of our hotels’
host communities.The values of hospitality, caring and generosity
that our hotel employees embody every day in their jobs flow
naturally through to community outreach initiatives. The diversity
of hotel industry jobs means that everyone’s skills can be used
in developing a project.
A dedicated organization
The Board of Directors,
which is chaired by Sébastien Bazin, Chairman
and Chief Executive Officer of Accor, meets two to three times a
year. It defines Solidarity Accor’s strategic vision, votes on projects
whose budgets exceed €20,000, and oversees their implementation.
The Board is supported by a standing team dedicated entirely to
assisting employees in their community outreach projects. It works
with a network of Regional Experts made up of Accor employees
who come from the region concerned or have worked there for
several years.The Board’s governance procedures have been aligned
with the amendments to the bylaws introduced in August 2013.
add real value to Solidarity Accor’s programs by
contributing their professional skills in such areas asmarketing, human
resources and consulting. In particular, they regularly participate in
training programs to present various hospitality industry jobs and
share their professional skills with trainees. These programs can
include on-site hotel tours, conferences on hospitality industry jobs,
presentations of the Accor Group and internships at Accor hotels. In
addition, thanks to the Solidarity Sabbatical proposed by Solidarity
Accor, employees in France can take on two-week community
outreach assignments in Africa, Asia or other developing regions.
During these assignments, they share their capabilities with local
people through organizations such as women’s groups, village
cooperatives and schools.
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