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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Commitments to society
In 2013, Procurement Charter 21 was included in 68% of contracts,
based on data from the 16 reporting Procurement Departments,
60% in 2012 and 11 Procurement Departments. An action
plan is underway to increase the percentage of contracts that
include a signed Procurement Charter 21, with a target of 80%
by end-2014. The 2015 target of 100% has been maintained but
might not be achieved, due primarily to the fact that certain crucial
suppliers refuse to sign the Charter because they already have their
own sustainable development polices.
monitor suppliers’ CSR performance
, supplier audits are
conducted on a regular basis, with a focus on the 23 high-priority
purchasing categories. As a result, the audits presented below are
mainly carried out on suppliers in these categories.
Online CSR assessments by EcoVadis: EcoVadis operates a
collaborative platform that can be used to assess the CSR
performance of suppliers worldwide
a custom-designed
questionnaire. Suppliers are scored on their social, environmental
and ethical performance and on howmuch control they have over
the supply chain. A total of 248 approved Accor suppliers have
been assessed since 2010, including 70 in 2013.
Accor issued 52 corrective action plan requests during the year
to suppliers with an EcoVadis score below 30 and eleven of
them have been implemented. The continuous improvement
process takes time because the weaknesses identified during
the assessment need to be discussed by the supplier and the
procurement teams.
Onsite audits conducted by Accor: Quality audits are carried
out by country buyers, targeting approved local suppliers that
are important to Accor because of the volume of purchases
involved and the related employee and health risks. In 2013, 19
onsite audits were conducted in France, Germany and Spain
among approved laundry service providers, which represent a
particularly high level of risk in terms of sustainable development
commitments and volume of purchases. More of these audits
will be carried out in 2014, in accordance with an action plan
being validated by the countries.
Onsite audits conducted by consultants: Nine cleaning companies
and nine security contractors were audited in France in 2012. In
2013, Accor commissioned BureauVeritas to conduct onsite audits
on certain high-risk suppliers based outside France, particularly
in China. These audits will be carried out in 2014.
With regard to the
selection of responsible products and services
Accor has identified 10 priority areas where buyers can promotemore
responsible practices by including them in tender specifications:
local sourcing – regional suppliers
ethical hot beverages – fair trade products (with the Fairtrade/Max
Havelaar label) or products from farms certified as sustainable
(with the Rainforest label);
Well-being – healthy products, such as organic or balanced
nutrition products, products low in additives, palm oil and GMOs,
products complying with international labels;
eco-labeled cleaning products (see page 57);
eco-labeled cosmetics – complying with international certifications
(EU Flower, Nordic Label or equivalent (see page 57);
wood – certified as coming from sustainably managed forests
(Forest StewardshipCouncil – FSC, Programme for the Endorsement
of Forest Certification – PEFC, etc.);
waste – less packaging and detailed supplier reporting;
linen and laundry – EU eco-labeled bath linens;
fish/sustainable fishing – definition of criteria for selecting suppliers
that use responsible fishing and aquaculture practices;
outside cleaning and security contractors – Accor conducts social
performance audits on companies whose employees ensure the
day-to-day cleanliness and safety of its hotels.
Sustainable procurement priorities
Percentage of hotels that purchase:
Number of applicable hotels* Response rate
Number of applicable hotels* Response rate
* Hotels with a restaurant
Fair trade products
When the Procurement Department launched a Europe-wide
invitation to tender in late 2013 to select suppliers for its breakfast
coffee, the specifications clearly expressed Accor’s determination
to give priority to fair trade products. In fact, Accor has been a
strong supporter of the Max Havelaar label for more than ten years
and has made a concerted effort to increase the percentage of fair
trade products in its network.Today, around 69% of the 530 tonnes
of coffee, chocolate and tea consumed for breakfast at hotels
in France are fair trade products.
(1) The definition of a region varies by geography and the local context.
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