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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Commitments to society
One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to tackle it at the
source by choosing eco-labeled products, which replace these
chemicals with more natural, less harmful ingredients. In 2013, 95%
of hotels in the Accor network were using at least one eco-labeled
product for flooring, painting or cleaning.
Percentage of hotels using eco-labeled products
2015 Objective: 86%
Number of applicable hotels
4,013 3,331 3,401
Response rate
94% 92% 93%
The 2015 target of 85% was easily exceeded in 2013, mainly thanks to a partnership
with a single cleaning product supplier that is working with Accor to develop more
environmentally responsible cleaning solutions.
Safety and security
Safety and security are top priorities for Accor, which has a
duty to ensure the physical protection of its guests, employees
and equipment against both accidents, such as a fire or an
outbreak of legionella bacteria, and deliberate acts of violence
and crime in its hotels.A global strategy is deployed across all
host countries to identify and respond appropriately to all of
the safety and security risks to which the Group is exposed.
Supported by an international network of correspondents, the
Safety, Security and Risk Management Department works with local
authorities and industry experts to monitor the situation in each host
country on a daily basis.The elements analyzed include geopolitical
issues, health conditions, weather forecasts and social tensions.
The policies and procedures implemented byAccor are communicated
to all hotels, regardless of their operating structure.
The emergence of new risks and Accor’s international presence
mean that guests are particularly concerned about how we fulfill
our responsibility in the area of safety management.
Internal procedures are in place to address the main safety issues
relevant to hotels –
fire prevention
food-related and other
health risks:
the hotels must comply with local building and fire protection
legislation requirements, such as technical installation and
equipment inspections, employee training and evacuation drills.
They are also subject to the additional criteria set out in our fire
safety policy. These are based on the Management Building
System (MBS) methodology developed by HOTREC, the umbrella
association for hotels, restaurants and cafés in Europe, which is
recognized throughout the region.
a maintenance and inspection program has been in place for
more than 10 years to prevent the development and spread
of legionella bacteria, with samples taken annually from hotel
installations and analyzed by outside laboratories. In addition,
hotels track the risk of Legionnaire’s disease
the SET regulatory
monitoring application (see page 68). Host countries take action
to ensure compliance with the law and the safety of consumers
in accordance with local standards. In many countries, including
throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, water, food and surface samples
are taken for analysis every month;
in addition, kitchen health inspections are performed by using
the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) system
and applying a similar process to the one used for legionella
bacteria inspections.
To prevent criminal acts and protect hotel guests from violence,
various security measures are deployed in our hotels, depending
on the local situation, the site’s vulnerability and the international
context. In high-risk areas, these include measures to prevent
kidnappings, strengthen security in the event of a terrorist alert,
and evacuate guests in an emergency situation.
A guide is being prepared on the use of surveillance cameras as a
tool for preventing and understanding safety and security risks at
Accor hotels. It includes a detailed description of how to install and
use surveillance equipment and evaluate its performance, without
infringing on anyone’s right to privacy.
Accor conducts its operations,
its various departments and
entities, in full compliance with national and international obligations
aimed at preventing money laundering and bribery and combating
the financing of terrorism. It does this, in particular, by maintaining
intimate knowledge of its business partners and financial flows and
providing its full support to any investigations by police or judicial
Accor is also extremely vigilant about prostitution and has implemented
procedures for preventing, detecting and combating the use of its
hotels for this purpose.
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