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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Hospitality and Service Industries Management. Since October 2011,
the Institute’s core courses have been given online in English in a
virtual classroom. Earning the MBA can enable hotel department
heads and General Managers to move up to higher positions within
the organization. A total of 11 Accor managers participated in the
Glion Online MBA program in 2013. Most were General Managers
or Operations Directors and they came from various parts of the
world, including Australia, Germany, Indonesia and Dubai.The first
graduates will finish the program in June 2014.
Accor managers and executives can map out their own career
opportunities using the
international management
application, which offers more than 5,000 employees a view of
all of the management vacancies across the Group. Participants
can inform their direct manager of a proposed career change by
posting their résumé, job aspirations and annual performance
reviews on the site.They can also submit applications for any
vacancies.This information may be viewed by other managers,
who can use it to foresee and plan their staffing needs.
Training and educational partnerships
Created in 1985, the
was Europe’s first corporate
university in the services industry. Its dedicated training courses
may be attended by any Accor-brand employee, regardless of job
family, educational background, position or seniority. This means
that all of the owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels have
access to the courses, which may be tailored to the specific needs
of each hotel’s management structure. Supported by a network of
18 campuses around the world, the Académie Accor offers training
in all hospitality-related professions and areas of expertise, while
also serving as a forum for sharing best practices and disseminating
Accor’s corporate culture.
Académie Accor’s primary mission is to train employees so that
every guest enjoys impeccable quality of service. Its second mission
is to support the Group’s expansion by enhancing professionalism
in every job family. This is particularly the case in certain countries
without any hotel schools, where Académie Accor serves as an
effective substitute.
The Académie Accor is guided by three fundamental teaching
to reflect each brand’s identity
by designing, producing
and delivering dedicated course content;
to integrate the latest economic, technological and social
to offer innovative learning tools;
to convey the culture,
management philosophy and hotel
management methods specific to Accor.
Withmany onsite and online courses open to employees of franchised
hotels, Académie Accor is the best tool available to franchisees for
creating shared value. Some content is nonetheless reserved for
Accor employees, in order to safeguard key expertise and maintain
With more than 250 training modules offered in 20 languages and
adapted to local requirements, the Académie Accor is positioned
as the international benchmark in hospitality skills development.
It also sets new standards in innovation by offering training
programs that increasingly integrate new technologies, such as
e-learning modules and virtual classrooms.
The technological revolution
is underway both globally
and locally, as illustrated by an initiative implemented by the
Académie Accor Latin America. In Brazil, an e-learning platform
was developed in 2012 and deployed in 2013 to give all hotel
employees in the region rapid access to training content specific
to each brand, despite the geographical distances involved.
Click Accor also offers an online forum where employees can
discuss the content provided, which can be open to everyone
or reserved for the employees of a specific brand.
Accor’s training offer extends beyond the Académie Accor to include
mandatory health and safety training and brand-specific courses,
which are compulsory for the employees concerned and have a
direct impact on service quality and style.
From induction to certification-backed programs, the total number
of training days provided to employees has remained stable for the
past three years, with the increase in 2012 corresponding to the
deployment of training by Novotel and Sofitel.
Average number of training days per employee
Partnerships with educational institutions
To promote the hospitality industry and its professions, Accor forges
andmaintains close ties and partnershipswithmany business schools,
hotel management schools and universities in its host countries.
France‘s National Education Ministry
The vocational and adult training agreement signed in 1999 with
France’s National Education Ministry aims to guide young graduates’
career choices by providing them with more information and raise
awareness of hospitality and foodservices professions among
secondary school teachers. To enhance revenue management
education, Accor deploys its RM Partner School program at certain
schools and has also been partnering the Revenue Management
Masters degree offered by Institut Paul Bocuse and IAE Savoie
Mont-Blanc in France since late 2011.
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