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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Career development
Accor gives employees a genuine opportunity to climb the social
ladder. Managers across the organization are united in the belief
that service quality and customer satisfaction depend primarily
on employee skills. As a result, Accor’s human resources policies
focus on training, skills development and promoting from within.
Since all employees serve as Accor’s frontline ambassadors with
customers, in addition to working effectively in a team and having
the information they need to do their jobs, they must also be
familiar with the Group, its values and its history. A total of 62,490
employees were hired in 2013, of which 58% in the Asia-Pacific
and Latin America regions. To facilitate the onboarding process,
the “Welcome to Accor” e-learning program is deployed alongside
the modules specific to each brand to inform new hires about
the Group and its values.
Once the onboarding phase is over, employees are supported
throughout their careers
annual performance reviews.
It is
recommended that employees have an annual review with their
manager every year, to discuss their performance over the past
year and set objectives for the next, which will be used to calculate
their bonus. The review also gives employees an opportunity to
express their career goals so that an appropriate development
plan can be prepared.
Skills development initiatives focus on:
the specific skills required in certain professions;
partnerships with training institutes; and
the opportunities offered to employees during international
Job tracks
Several job tracks have been defined to clarify the positions involved
and professionalize certain skill-sets, aswell as to enhance employees’
capabilities and inform themabout potential career paths. Job-specific
training programs have also been developed to give all Accor-brand
employees – estimated at close to 170,000 – the opportunity to
acquire new skills or enhance their expertise at a time of significant
change in the industry. This is particularly the case in:
where the Sales & Distribution Pass training module
allows Sales Managers to take their capabilities to the next level
and measure themselves against the fundamental principles of
hospitality sales.The module is included in an ambitious program
to improve the professionalism of our sales teams, from hiring to
career development. Around 600 sales experts have benefited
from the program over four years;
revenue management.
A dedicated revenue manager job track
has been in place since 2007, supported by the RM Pass series
of specialized training courses offered in association with the
Académie Accor. They are designed to enhance the capabilities
of revenue managers and other employees who help to optimize
hotel revenue, such as hotel General Managers. Around 2,500
employees have completed the RM Dimension and RM PRO
training courses;
with the newDistribution Excellence (DEX) program
primarily designed for hotel General Managers and revenue
managers. The program helps them understand the major
issues and challenges raised by the various distribution channels
and room booking methods. It also provides keys to building a
strategy and developing everyday distribution tactics for their
hotels. The program has been completed by 1,000 employees
since the beginning of 2013.
Management development and mobility
Specific programs have been introduced to enable employees,
either newly hired or with several years experience, to move into
management positions over the medium to long term. Internal
promotion is a reality at Accor, where employees are encouraged
to rise rapidly through the ranks.
This is reflected in the age pyramid for managers at owned, leased
and managed hotels:
Age pyramid for managers at Accor hotels in 2013
Under 25
Over 55
Since 1997, Accor’s
International Hospitality Management
(IHMP) has been helping to create a pool of international
managers ready to take on new operating responsibilities in both
the short and medium term. IHMP is the result of a collaborative
venture between the ESSEC business school’s MBA in Hospitality
Management program (IMHI), the corporate Human Resources
Department and the Académie Accor. The classes are given in
English, with a curriculum built around six main subjects: Business
Strategy and Value Creation; Human Resources Management;
Finance; Revenue Management; Marketing, Sales and Distribution;
and Communication. IHMP certification gives participants 20% of
the credits required for the ESSECMBA in Hospitality Management.
The class of 2013 comprised 27 employees, including five women.
They were aged 28 to 52 and represented 14 nationalities,
16 countries, six brands and eight job tracks.
This system is being supported by a
certification process
validates skills learned on the job and enhances employability within
the organization. Thanks to a partnership agreement signed with
the Glion Institute of Higher Education on March 1, 2013, any Accor
hotel manager without a college degree can validate his or her
years of experience in the profession with an MBA in International
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