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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Equal opportunity resources
Two main channels are used to guarantee equal opportunity and
eradicate stereotyping – training modules and the sharing of best
practices already being applied in the Group.
“Managing Diversity” e-learning module
initially developed
in France was deployed across Europe in 2013, after being aligned
with European legislation and translated into English.
The diversity intranet site created in January 2011
describes best
practices and provides links to international reference documents,
like the Group’s International Diversity Charter, and to such resource
documents as European directives on non-discrimination and
diversity and a recruitment guide in six languages.
A guide for recruiters and managers
has been available on
the Diversity intranet since 2013 in English, French, German
and Portuguese.
have been used on the AccorJobs website in
France since 2010 to ensure equal opportunity during the recruitment
process, by precluding even subconscious discrimination due to
age, gender or origin.
Discrimination alert plans have also been defined locally so that
anyone experiencing discrimination knows who to contact and how.
The key value creation drivers in the hospitality industry are
service quality and customer satisfaction, which depend
heavily on the enthusiasm and skills of employees.To secure
employee commitment and engagement, Accor makes every
effort to provide amotivating work environment and interesting
career opportunities.
Assessing employee engagement
and well‑being
Managers have access to two tools for assessing employee
engagement, well-being and morale – employee opinion surveys
and the Local Climate and Personal Initiative (CLIP) survey. Both of
these tools are central to our management process and the findings
are used to develop appropriate action plans.
Employee opinion surveys
Opinion surveys are conducted every two years at all owned, leased and
managed hotels to gauge employee satisfaction, identify employees’
needs, concerns and expectations and measure morale and level
of engagement so that action can be taken to drive improvement.
Carried out at the initiative of country HR Departments, the surveys
are based on a core questionnaire developed by the Group, which
is adapted to the local context.The findings are reported across the
hotel chain of responsibility and to the head offices. In 2012-2013,
80,837 employees from owned, leased or managed hotels in 59
countries took part in employee opinion surveys, representing a
response rate of 88%.
Positive response rates (“agree” and “fully agree”) to the Group’s primary satisfaction drivers
from employees in head offices and owned, leased and managed hotels
Positive response rate
Of which «fully agree»
I am proud to work at Accor
My work enables me to develop my skills
My working environment is good
Local Climate and Personal Initiative (CLIP)
All managers, regardless of their hotel’s operating structure, can use
the CLIP survey to gauge the quality of the local working environment
and the commitment of their teams. Each team member fills in a
confidential questionnaire that covers eight topics including job
fulfillment, the circulation of information, individual initiative, and
respect and recognition. CLIP is available in 11 languages, in paper
and electronic format,
the Group intranet and is designed for
use by managers across all operating structures.
The objective criteria usually used tomeasure employee engagement
are the resignation and absenteeism rates. However, these indicators
should be considered with caution, because they are affected by
such factors as the
local culture
, the
protection measures
in place in certain countries or hotels, the
nature of certain jobs
, and potential difficulties in
commuting to the workplace.
Working in the hospitality industry comes with numerous constraints,
particularly in the area of work-life balance, where measures are
being taken to reduce their impact (see section 2.6). Nonetheless,
Accor has a high resignation rate, which can be attributed to various
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