2013 Registration document and annual financial report - page 48

Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Commitments to employees
Because we have little influence over HR practices in franchised
hotels, we strive to share our values and commitments in the
communications and day-to-day interactions with franchisees.This
is done through three main channels:
Franchise Committees, which meet three or four times a year,
depending on the brand, to review andmake note of developments
in such areas as brand identity, marketing and Group processes;
Directors of Franchise Operations, who are in close and constant
contact with the franchise operators in their specific regions
and brands;
access to dedicated content on the corporate intranet and to the
training courses provided by the Académie Accor.
Employment and employee-relations issues are managed directly
by the owners of franchised and managed hotels. It is important
to note that, even though Accor is responsible for managing the
day-to-day operations and human resources of managed hotels, it
cannot negotiate collective agreements on behalf of franchise owners
or directly influence the preparation of employment contracts and
compensation packages.
Motivate employees
to achieve the highest standard of service
and leverage each individual’s capabilities to improve overall
Employee engagement is a direct result of managerial relations, on
the one hand, and what the employer offers in terms of working
conditions, training and career prospects, on the other.
Our guide to management ethics and principles has been distributed
worldwide since 2009 and key career development resources
have also been provided and distributed. However, Local Human
Resources Departments are responsible for ensuring favorable
working conditions, in line with the local context and legislation.
Accor’s contribution to its franchise and management partnerships
includes tools designed to improve hotel operating performance. In
the area of human resources, we share our expertise in particular
through the training courses offered by the Académie Accor and
the training programs deployed by the brands.
Providing HR support tools ensures consistency in theAccor employer
brand and enables employees to enjoy the benefits of belonging
to a major multinational with global reach. Examples include the
AccorJobs website, which lists all of the jobs available at Accor-brand
hotels, and theWelcome Card, which gives employees reductions
at Accor hotels worldwide.
HR topic
Sphere of influence
Setting the benchmark as an employer
Social dialogue
Owned and leased hotels only
Diversity and equal opportunity policies
Owned, leased and managed hotels
Provided to franchised hotels for their information
Women at Accor Generation women’s network Owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels
Motivating employees
Assessing employee engagement and well-being Employee surveys: owned, leased and managed hotels
CLIP: available to owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels
Working conditions
Owned, leased and managed hotels
Promoting health and well-being among local
Owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels
Compensation and benefits
Owned, leased and managed hotels
Career development
Owned, leased and managed hotels
Training resources available to franchised hotels
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