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Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Corporate social responsibility process and commitments
Accor is included in several internationally recognized indices
and standards and its actions in the areas of sustainable
development and human resources have been honored by
numerous awards.
In recognition of its commitment to sustainable development, Accor
is included in four major SRI indices and standards:
Euronext Vigeo 120
(formerly ASPI Eurozone): developed by
European rating agency Vigeo, the Euronext Vigeo 120 index
comprises the world’s top 120 listed companies evaluated in
terms of their performance in corporate responsibility;
developed by the UK company that created the
FTSE index, the FTSE4Good series measures the performance
of companies that meet globally recognized corporate social
responsibility standards. It uses rating profiles established by
the London-based agency EIRIS, one of the main providers of
environmental, social, governance (ESG) research for responsible
investors in Europe;
Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI):
these indices provide an
overview of the financial performance of the world’s leading
companies in terms of corporate social responsibility. Their
criteria were defined by Belgium-based consultancy Ethibel in
partnership with the financial rating agency Standard & Poor’s;
UN Global Compact 100:
this index brings together 100
companies selected in accordance with their commitment to the
Global Compact’s ten principles and their financial performance.
In 2013, Accor was removed from the Dow Jones Sustainability
Indices (DJSI) in which it had been included for nearly 10 years.
An action plan has been deployed to ensure that Accor is included
again in 2014.
Accor also received numerous world-class awards in 2013.
Sustainable development/PLANET 21:
United Kingdom:
Eco Group of theYear at the AA Hospitality
gold medal in the Sustainability/Hotel Management
category for the PLANET 21 program and silver medal for
the Plant for the Planet program at the Premio Caio awards;
Gold Award for Corporate Environmental Program
at the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Awards.
Human resources:
Global recognition of Accor’s commitment to employees:
the Great Place toWork Institute placed Accor among the top
25 employers (17
) in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador,
India, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and the United Kingdom;
Recognition for local initiatives:
in Italy, Accor’s policy of
diversity and inclusion was recognized in 2013 by A.I.L.eS,
a local association that promotes the social and professional
integration of disadvantaged individuals. Also, the Management
Development Programme deployed in the United Kingdom
and Ireland was nominated for the second year in a row at
the Worldwide Hospitality Awards, in the People & Talent
Management Program category. Of the 175 future managers
who have completed the program over the past 16 years,
more than 70% now work in key positions and 76 of them
have reached or exceeded the level of hotel general manager.
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