2013 Registration document and annual financial report - page 38

Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Corporate social responsibility process and commitments
Accor has a responsibility to its employees, the environment
and the local communities in its 92 host countries.To fulfill this
responsibility, commitments have been to various international
bodies and programs and partnerships have been forged with
leading organizations.
United Nations Global Compact:
in 2003, Accor pledged to
support the Global Compact and respect its ten principles, which
cover issues dealing with human rights, labor standards, the fight
against corruption and the environment.
International Labour Organization conventions (ILO):
in 1995,
Accor signed a worldwide agreement with the International Union
of FoodWorkers (IUF) concerning application of ILO conventions
87, 98 and 135 on employees’ freedom of association and right
to unionize. Accor is also a member of the ILO Global Business
and Disability Network, which offers an opportunity to organize
a certain number of events around the world and to benefit from
the best practices developed by the initiative’s partner companies.
CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project):
since 2006, Accor
has participated in a survey conducted by the Carbon Disclosure
Project on behalf of 475 institutional investors managingmore than
€55 trillion in assets.This international organization asks leading
corporations to report on their climate change strategies, their
approach to carbon cost imposition and their greenhouse gas
emissions performance. Accor’s scores have steadily improved
since 2010, both in the Carbon Leadership Disclosure Index and
in the Carbon Performance Leadership Index, with a final overall
score of 85B in 2013,
81B in 2012.
ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, Pornography andTrafficking
of Children for Sexual Purposes):
since 2001, Accor has been
engaged in the fight against child sex exploitation in partnership
with ECPAT International, an NGO comprising 77 organizations
in more than 70 countries. Between 2008 and 2013, Accor
was a member of the Executive Committee of the “Code of
Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation
inTravel andTourism”, developed by ECPAT and theWorldTourism
Organization. As of year-end 2013, the Code had been signed by
35 of our country organizations (see page 56).
Pur Projet:
This organization is dedicated to combatting climate
change through reforestation and forest conservation projects
carried out by local communities. Accor forged a partnership with
Pur Projet to support the development of its Plant for the Planet
program (see page 78).
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