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Registration Document 2013
Other information
Investor relations and documents on display
In addition to the Annual Meeting and the events organized to
present the annual results, Accor keeps both private and institutional
shareholders informed of the latest developments on a highly
responsive daily basis. This information is tailored to the specific
needs of different types of shareholders and financial analysts
while constantly complying with the principle of fair access to
Meetings with investors
In 2013, meetings were held with 581 representatives of more
than 364 financial institutions and 22 roadshows were organized
in Europe, North America and Asia.
These events included hotel visits that enabled investors to talk
with line managers and gain a better understanding of management
practices and processes. Accor also took part in 11 investor
conferences during the year, in France, the United Kingdom and
the United States.
Held on April 25, 2013 at the Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel, the Annual
Shareholders’ Meeting was attended by 308 people and provided
many opportunities for exchanging views and opinions.
The Accor Shareholders Club
Created in May 2000, the Accor Shareholders Club had 8,591
members at year-end 2013, with each one owning at least 50
bearer shares or one registered share.
Among the many advantages members enjoy are regular e-mail
updates throughout the year with press releases, the
Letter to
and other news, the possibility of subscribing to all
of our other corporate publications, the opportunity to discover
our businesses in a more personal way through site visits, and VIP
invitations to investor events in which Accor participates.
As part of the Le Club Accorhotels loyalty program, Shareholders
Club members receive a Le Club Accorhotels Platinum Card which
doubles the points earned when they stay at participating hotels
and offers them exclusive advantages. Club members also receive
promotional offers on Group products.
Working group on the private shareholder
relations process
Created in 2007, a working group of private Shareholders Club
members is exploring ways to encourage exchanges of views and
opinions with our private shareholders and to improve the private
shareholder relations process. The group currently comprises 13
members, who met on April 12, 2013 at Accor headquarters in
Paris to discuss the following agenda:
presentation: roundtable discussion on the Group’s vision and
its strategy in terms of branding, the hotel portfolio, distribution
and expansion in emerging markets;
presentation: review of the performance in meeting 2012 targets,
with figures, and a closer look at the deployment of the ibis
megabrand, the opening of hotels under asset-light structures
and the achievements of the central distribution system.
Easily accessible information tailored
to shareholder profiles
All of the Group’s financial news and publications can be accessed
in the “Finance” section of the accor.com website, which serves
as a comprehensive investor relations database. The site carries
live and deferred webcasts of results presentations, Investor
Days and Annual Shareholders’ Meetings. It also tracks the Accor
share price in real time and features a dedicated section for private
shareholders and members of the Shareholders Club.
A wide array of documents far exceeding regulatory requirements
may be viewed in the “Finance” section of the website. These
documents, which cover both current and previous years, include:
the Registration Document filed with the Autorité des Marchés
Financiers (available in electronic form since 1997);
the Annual Report;
a corporate brochure describing the Group and its values;
information memoranda filed with the Autorité des Marchés
Financiers concerning corporate actions;
notices of Shareholders’ Meetings, sent systematically to
registered shareholders and on request to members of the
Shareholders Club;
the Letter to Shareholders, available on request in electronic
form and accessible
the corporate website.
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