2013 Registration document and annual financial report - page 32

Registration Document 2013
Corporate responsibility
Stakeholder relations
Partnership with TripAdvisor under which customer comments
appear directly on the accorhotels.com website without any
changes being made by Accor.
Listing agreements with the main global and local travel websites.
Relations with development partners
Developing a network of franchisees, owners and property investors
is a core component of Accor’s business model. Maintaining open,
ongoing dialogue with these partners is critical in enabling Accor
to expand its global hotel network while ensuring compliance with
the brands’ standards and the PLANET 21 program commitments.
Accor participated once again in all of the major hotel
conferences worldwide, including IHIF in Berlin in March,
CATHIC in Istanbul and AHIC in Dubai in May, NYU in New
York in June, AHIF in Nairobi and Equipotel in Sao Paulo in
September, RHIC in Sochi in October; and
Accor’s annual conference for French franchisees was held
in Porto in November 2013 with a focus on “The Digital
Hospitality Tour”. Held every year, the conference brings
together Accor’s franchise partners in France to inform them
about new developments in such areas as brand design
and distribution tools. Workshops are also held during the
conference to foster discussion between franchiser and
franchisee and to identify ways of improving the franchise
Highlights in 2013
Information resources
Pages dedicated to franchisees and partners on the Accor
corporate website.
Website dedicated to Accor partners (accorandpartners.com).
Accor’s Development Brochures, which showcase the Group’s
The Accor Privileged Partners Card, which offers exclusive
advantages to Accor’s development partners.
Brand and technical standards.
Provision of Accor expertise in sustainable development,
tools, methods and e-learning modules and the PLANET 21
program and from the Technical and Purchasing Departments
and Solidarity Accor, and in human resources management,
the Académie Accor.
Forums for dialogue
Regional and local conventions for owners and franchisees.
The Federation of Accor Franchisees (FFA) in France, which
provides a structured forum for constant, constructive dialogue
between Accor and its franchisees and owners.
Regular meetings with the representative organizations for
franchisees and owners.
A network of facilitators for managed and franchised hotels
within the operating departments, who visit each hotel at least
once a year to discuss any difficulties encountered and to ensure
compliance with Accor’s requirements in such areas as service
quality, brand standards and operating license.
For managed hotels, regular contact between the owner and the
hotel manager, including during Executive Committee meetings.
Regional and international conferences and trade fairs for property
investors and hotel operators.
A dedicated hotel development team that maintains close ties
with existing and potential partners.
Contracts with franchisees and owners.
Relations with business partners
Accor’s purchases represent a significant percentage of revenue
and play a key role in the quality of service provided to customers.
Particular attention is therefore paid to developing sustainable relations
with suppliers and to extending corporate social responsibility
commitments to the entire supply chain.
In France, for example, two thirds of approved suppliers have had
contracts with Accor for at least five years.
In 2013, cooperation with a supplier led to the development
of new solutions for providing eco-labeled cleaning products
to all hotels in the network.
Accor signed a global framework contract with Schneider
Electric, commissioning the energy management specialist
to carry out its BOOST energy reduction program at hotels
in certain geographies, including Morocco, Southeast
Asia, China and the United States (see page 70). Under
the contract, Schneider Electric teams visit hotels to share
their expertise, carry out measurements and analyses and
prepare action plans, which the hotel is then responsible
for implementing.
Highlights in 2013
Information resources
Purchasing website (Accorshop).
Procurement Charter 21, signed by suppliers.
Technical specifications that include sustainable development
criteria for certain families of products and services.
Sustainable development questionnaires and audits for suppliers
(see page 63).
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