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Registration Document 2013
Corporate Presentation
Strategic Vision and Outlook
In a hospitality industry that offers a multitude of expansion
opportunities, Accor is leveraging its unique strengths to deploy
its growth strategy. A large number of projects were carried out
in 2013, laying the foundations for our strategic vision for 2016.
1. Finalization of the ibis megabrand
Accor embarked on a new chapter in 2011 with the conversion of its
three economy brands into the ibis family, encompassing ibis (1,000
hotels), ibis Styles (223 hotels) and ibis
(506).The upgrade
created an attractive and aligned brand portfolio synonymous with
modern living and well-being.
The revitalization project has driven sustained growth in the ibis
family, with more than 200 hotels opened in two years or one
every three days. In 2013, the ibis family accounted for 52% of
the hotels opened during the year,
39% in 2012. In just four
years, Accor has significantly strengthened its position as the world
leader in the economy hotel segment.The ibis family also accounts
for nearly half of our development projects worldwide, with more
than 62,000 rooms in the pipeline, of which 38% in the Asia-Pacific
region, 30% in Latin America and 27% in Europe.
Brand awareness has also increased sharply across the economy
segment thanks to the ibis family project. Today, ibis is the top
economy hotel in ten European countries in terms of unaided brand
awareness. The reconfiguration of more than 300 hotel common
areas and the widespread deployment of the new Sweet Bed by
ibis™ concept (which now represents more than 100,000 beds)
have consolidated the brand’s modern image and improved guest
satisfaction. This is particularly true in the area of comfort, where
90% of guests are now satisfied or very satisfied, an increase of
five percentage points over two years.
2. Successful distribution initiatives
The powerful, efficient TARS system
A powerful driver of room bookings and hotel performance, the
Travel Accor Reservation System (TARS) functions as a technological
platform connecting all of the distribution channels:
direct sales, with direct bookings online
the accorhotels.com
portal and the brand websites, or by phone, email and fax
dedicated call centers;
indirect sales
traditional or online travel agencies, wholesalers
and tour operators.
As Accor steps up its transformation with a hotel network that
is 59% operated under franchise agreements or management
contracts, TARS’s power is strengthening the Group’s ability to
deliver revenue growth for franchisees and owners.
In 2013, the performance of the distribution systemwas consolidated
a further increase in the proportion of central sales, which
TARS, to a total of 56% of room business volume,
from 50% in 2011;
€2.9 billion in online business volume, or nearly a third of all
room sales from owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels.
2013 room business volume by booking channel
(direct booking)
Online (direct: 17%/indirect: 14 %)
Call centers and email/fax bookings
Distributor partners and travel agencies
(1) Property Management System
A successful loyalty program, renamed
Le Club Accorhotels
The free, multi-brand, international Le Club Accorhotels is the only
hotel loyalty program that covers every market segment, from
luxury to economy. Introduced in September 2008, the program
has expanded at an increasingly rapid pace, with membership rising
to 14 million by year-end 2013,
10.1 million a year earlier
and 8.3 million at year-end 2011. Cardholders tend to stay longer
and spend more, on average, than other guests.
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