2013 Registration document and annual financial report - page 158

Registration Document 2013
Corporate Governance
Interests and Compensation
Where such a request is not made, in accordance with the law,
the amounts in the profit-sharing reserve are invested in corporate
mutual funds, with half allocated to the Group Retirement Savings
Plan (PERCO) and the other half to the Corporate Savings Plan
(PEEG). In order to qualify for tax and social security exemptions,
the amounts allocated to the Group Retirement Savings Plan are
locked up until the employee retires and amounts allocated to the
Corporate Savings Plan are locked up for a period of five years.
In 2013, just over 18% of employees allocated all or part of their
profit-share to the Accor Group Retirement Plan.
Discretionary profit-sharing
Due to the Group’s organization structure and compensation policy,
a large number of discretionary profit-sharing agreements have
been negotiated at the level of Accor SA, its subsidiaries and the
operating units.
These profit-shares are determined based on whether the subsidiary
or unit concerned meets or exceeds its profit targets. In the case of
Accor SA, the amount is dependent partly on meeting objectives
for reducing support costs and partly on achieving EBIT targets.
The calculation method is based on quantitative criteria specified
in each agreement. The amounts vary from year to year and are
Discretionary profit-sharing agreements are negotiated with Works
Councils or union representatives.
Transactions involving Accor SA shares
Schedule of transactions involving shares of the Company carried out during the past fiscal year,
within the meaning of Article L. 621-18-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code
Person concerned
Type of transaction Number of shares
Mr. Dubrule
Sale of shares
Mr. Pélisson
Sale of shares
Mr. Quint
Exercise of stock options
Sale of shares
Ms. Stabile
Exercise of stock options
Sale of shares
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